I'm a serially obsessed person, so these pages have various themes rotating through them, mostly about failed DIY experiments or massive personal growth spurts. Blogging seems to enhance my thought process, though I sometimes take long breaks to integrate the things I uncover. I have been known to overshare, yet somehow in the middle of my inappropriate revelations, I still manage to be boring.

I went back to college in 2013 so I can be a librarian when I grow up. I haven't written much lately, but I still call myself a writer because I know I will write again, and soon. I'm one of those unfortunate souls who made it oh-so-close to traditional publication only to fall short of a contract, and it's taken a while to get my feet back under me. God only knows when I'll have time to write, but you know what they say about giving stuff to a busy person.


  • Married, three kids
  • 40-something
  • The rare liberal Oklahoman
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