Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Friday, March 12, 2010

Here's a story dictated to me by my son, Jonah. He's eight.

Stupid Creatures

By Jonah

It’s about three kids. Jupiter is 13, Alex is 12, and Mary is 5. They have super powers. They have to fight gigantic stupid worms. And electric monsters that hit them in the face. And dragons who like picking their wings with their toenails. And ice monsters that like freezing their butts off.

And they have a pet bird named Carl Manbirdy. They have to find the Stone of Dreams. Oh yeah, and plant monsters and rock monsters and lava monsters. What do they do with those monsters? Sometimes, play cards.

First they meet dinosaurs playing hockey and have to play hockey with them to get through the rink. Then Alex slips and fall on one of the dinosaurs’ tail. Then the dinosaur goes crazy and tries to eat Alex alive. And then Jupiter and Mary run over and step on someone else’s tail on accident. So then all the dinosaurs go crazy and try to eat them alive. They grabbed one of the stick thingies and they hit the big round thingy into the big hoopy thing. So they get a score, the dinosaurs run after them and they throw their stick thingies at them and the net falls down and they get away.

Then they get to the lava monsters, who are allergic to pizza sauce. The lava monsters hate each other, and they use pizza sauce to kill each other. Then the kids grab the bucket and hit them all in the face with the pizza sauce and the lava monsters’ faces puff up like a cupcake. So they fall over and say, “I could use a WetNap.”

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  2. Another writer in the family! I'm so proud!!!

  3. Uh, anonymous is Mom. lol

  4. Gosh, how many times have I said that very thing.

  5. Wow. This could've been my autobiography. I'm a little afraid.

    You know, I think the word WetNap sounds like some sort of pr0n. You know? Don't you think?


    Prob'ly just me. Okay, it's only me. EVERYthing sounds like pr0n when you're me.


    (Cute story. :) )

  6. May he never have writer's block. Very clever.

  7. Hahahaha! I feel the exact same way about pizza sauce! LOL This was awesome, Jonah! :D


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