Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Thursday, December 30, 2010

So I got this new laptop. I'm typing this post on it. I haven't downloaded all my helper programs, like Live Writer and Digsby and some non-IE browser, but I'll get to it eventually. The placement of the mousepad is a little too far left, but the trade-off is that I get a full ten-key pad, so that's nice. I feel a little guilty having a brand new laptop, but I decided some months ago to treat myself better, especially in the writing area and I'm trying to build on the work I did in 2010.

Doesn't that already sound like a bygone age, 2010? "Turning 40 is SO twenty-ten." Or something like that. I've been anticipating 2011 for almost all of 2010, and I'm not sure why. 2010 seems like a static number, too square to roll, a closed circle. 2011 is quirky, friendly, innovative. Like 2010 had secrets and 2011 is just dying to tell them to me. I'm sure there's some numerology to support my feeling, but I don't know what it is. That's just how I see it.

This laptop, see, it's about half the weight of my old one--which was eight freakin' pounds, no lie--and it fits in my old laptop bag, so I can go other places to write more easily. I have my desk bought specially for writing last summer (and although I haven't been able to use it since it turned cold in the porch room, I hope to remedy that soon). I have a new futon in the den so I can stay up late writing without worrying about keeping the hubs up (and also so I can sleep there when his log-sawing is too much to bear :). I finally bought some new jeans so I no longer look like a homeless person when meeting potential readers.

So everything's in place for when the kids go back to school and the hubs goes back to work. I have so much optimism pinned on 2011 I cain't hardly stand it. It's gonna be great. :)

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  1. I'm so happy for you Sherri- you deserve a good laptop. Thanks for the positive outlook- you are spreading good cheer already :)

  2. Wooee, a new laptop! Smokin'!! I guess I won't call you Monday from my new phone, since you'll be so busy typing your fingers to the bone. ;)

    Hey that rhymes! lol

    I'm happy for you sweetie. It's been a while since you've done something for you. Last thing I recall was that convention you went to a couple years ago.

    2010 feels like, well, I like the continuity of the circle, but it feels like the end of an era for me. On a lot of levels, mostly spiritual ones. Many things are over, lots of new things are beginning. I haven't felt like this since 1998. Usually I'm just sick of the same old year and ready for a change, but this time I'm on tenterhooks already. Hurry!

    So, I guess I'll call you Tuesday. :)

    Love you hon - I hope your New Years is awesome, blossom! *hugs*


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