Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Several weeks ago I had a gas leak around the water heater. Of course, when the ONG technician came he couldn’t find anything wrong, and then it happened again a couple of days later. I think I figured out what was happening, after much research: the breeze from the dryer sometimes keeps the water heater from lighting. The only thing I’ve changed is to not let the dryer run after about nine o’clock. That way we won’t get gassed in our sleep if it happens again. It hasn’t.

Now I have another gas problem, this time with the furnace. It’s not a constant leak but appears to be related to the operation, like maybe the gas stays on after the fire goes out, or something like that. So the heat was right there, but I couldn’t risk it. We spent a chilly night under extra covers, and the kids sure did complain getting ready for school this morning.

So I have to call the furnace guy here in a few minutes. And I have to go to Walmart in Shawnee. And I have to drop off my resume at the college in Seminole, which means I want to look nice when I do. But if I have to wait for the furnace guy all day, I don’t know how I’m going to do that other stuff. I have to decide pretty quick if I want to just mail my resume, but I’m afraid it won’t get there by Monday, the cutoff date. It should, but it is the United States Postal Service, so, you know.

Still, not dying from a gas leak is priority one, so I’ll work it out somehow. Meanwhile, feel free to make your gas jokes. You know you want to go there. The ONG guy eyed my kittens and asked if I was sure it wasn’t cat gas I was smelling. There’s your bar.

Update: The furnace guys have come and gone and found no reason for the gas smell. They did find why it was running weirdly, and that's because of high gas line pressure. So now I have to call ONG to have them check the pressure, yada yada yada. Anyhoo, after lunch I'm going to get pretty and go drop off my resume and then to Walmart, even though I don't want to. It won't be long before won't get to decide how I spend my days, so I have to get used to it.

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  1. Goodness! I hope you can get that straightened out soon! Gas is nothing to take lightly. We've had the maintenance crew out here twice because we keep smelling gas near our oven but they keep telling me there is no leak. I'm going to call the gas co next and see what they say.

    It must be the gassy season, ha! Good luck with all this!

  2. Yeah, the gas company has that little detector so they'll be able to tell you for sure where it's coming from. It might be that the burners aren't efficient or something. Kinda makes you scared to go to sleep, when you don't know if the gas will creep up overnight.

  3. Wow. I am terrified of gas. It is my crazy phobia. When I first started driving and putting gas in my car, every time I'd turn the ignition key I was afraid I'd blow up. The first time I had an apartment heated with gas (up in Indiana) I was afraid to light candles in case I blew everyone up. My husband really wants a gas stove one day...he tells me this and I nod and say, "Sure. You're the cook!" But when we go look at houses I NEVER like ones that use gas.

    I try to act calm and everything. It isn't like I run out of house screaming. I act normal while in my mind I'm waiting to die a fiery death.

    Make sure that gas problem is fixed!

  4. The furnace is definitely fixed, to the tune of $258. The water heater, we never did confirm what was causing the smell during that couple of days. I'm less scared of us blowing up than of dying in my sleep from a leak. The gas man told me the gas smells WAY more than the amount of gas there actually is in the room. It smelled so thick we could hardly breathe, but the pilot was lit the whole time and we didn't explode, so I guess he was right. It's a comfort.


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