Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Thursday, November 17, 2011

Apparently the only thing keeping me from blogging is Facebook. I suspected as much. I’ve had spotty Internet since dinnertime yesterday, and since it is an area-wide problem, all I can do is wait. I’ve been doing maintenance on my computer instead, cleaning out email and such.

So this Facebook thing is something I’ve struggled with for a while. FB is almost meaningless if you don’t keep up with it every day. If people know you’re on there but you don’t respond to their very important news (not being sarcastic, lots of people announce things this way), they forget about you, or worse, assume you’ve hidden them when you simply missed their post. And so I’ve been trying to stay active on there, because that’s where everyone is.

The result of this is feeling like I’ve already said all I have to say, leaving nothing for the blog. This is not a bad thing in itself, but when so much so much of my life is online—banking, journaling, socializing, job search—all there is left to do when I’m forced to be offline is to clean house, bake, and write. I could have showered at 7:30, but my body doesn’t want to be wet till nine o’clock. I could have made myself breakfast, but I’m never hungry till ten. So my morning schedule is all messed up, and I find myself blogg—

Dammit! I was connected for about two minutes, but it’s gone now.

I grow bored with this. I still have a half hour before my bod will want a shower, so maybe I’ll do a little editing. And maybe this will publish, and maybe it won’t.

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  1. It did.

    I feel your pain. We know the Spotty Connection Blues all too well, though for different reasons. Good luck. Editing and writing time isn't a bad thing, IMO.

  2. Good for you for persevering. Maybe blogging could focus on content you wouldn't necessarily post on FB?

  3. I tried doing that, but apparently there isn't anything I won't say on FB. LOL

  4. That is true. But isn't it funny how when the internet's down I'm too nervous to think about anything else? I'm scratching the crooks of my elbows and muttering, "I gotta have it, man."

  5. Oh I know how you feel! That slow, spotty connection thing - that was our life for a year. No fun! You have my total sympathy, and hopefully all is restored by the time you get this. :)


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