Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Friday, September 7, 2012

Rain is going to barely miss us, and for once I am grateful. My girl’s marching band will play at their first home game tonight, and I don’t want anything to mess it up. The boy is at a sleepover. Oh, and also…I am employed, as of this afternoon.

Nine years it’s been since I worked for someone else, except for a little editing and some volunteer work. I feel vulnerable, resigned, relieved, excited, dreadful (dreadful?). The job is at a factory that makes overalls. Here’s a video of the type of machine I’ll be running.


I did this job for several years at another factory before it closed. I swore I’d never sew in a factory again. Early on I even turned down a good job because I wanted to make a new path for myself. Somehow, I lost my way, and went in a big ol’ circle. It kind of sucks.

The job is dirty, and my hands will ache all the time, but working again is going to rock. After I stopped being depressed about the two-steps-back thing, I realized it will be much easier to rejoin the workforce in a job I’m comfortable doing, rather than adding to my stress by doing something completely new. This isn’t the beginning I’d hoped for, but it’ll do. For now.

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  1. Well, congratulations! It's a tough economy out there right now. It's a big blessing to have the ability to get a job at all. Best of luck!

  2. Yes indeed, and I'm not complaining. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to pay my bills. Some of them, anyway. :)

  3. Sherri you might want to check out a product at your health food store called "cucurmin" -- I got some samples yesterday and the neuropathy in my legs is better...although I overworked my hands today and tendonitis is hurting a bit...I will massage my hands now the way I was taught. There are special techinques for different kinds of pain...when I found out it wasn't bursitis in my hands but rather tendonitits, my brother in law doc showed me a technique for massage of my hands (involves trying to spread the indentations between tendons apart...and it does help so much more than the kind of massage i was doing) if you know what it is you can google remedies..esp. homeopathic and natural home remedies such as massage and yoga. In fact, I just remembered an old yoga thing I used to do back in the day, not because I was in pain, but because I practiced yoga (I was sooo young!) where you hold your hand in a fist and pretend there is a flower inside that is trying to resist the pressure of the blooming flower as you slowly open your hand and imagine that it is pushing your hand open...but you DO resist. It was easy...can do any time. In fact I think I'll go do it now.
    love claud

  4. Hand pain comes with the job. Massage can help, definitely. The last time I sewed denim for a living I used compression gloves and tape to help support the wrists and fingers while sewing, and that helps more than anything, just the support. Also, it depends on the machine. You can see in that video the material goes through a folder, and sometimes one side of the folder has more drag, making it so you have to put more tension on the other side to get them to match up. If I can type during the upcoming week I'll post updates. ;)

  5. Congratulations on getting a job! That is good news. :)

    I'm sorry it's not one that's more to your desire though. I know you wanted to volunteer at the library and other things, but hopefully this will turn out to be a stop-gap in the end and the husband will find something too. :)

    Maybe you can get one of those portable foot water massage things and use it for your hands instead.

    I'll be praying that your hands don't get painful.


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