Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The electricity is out, so this is my excuse to finally write a post. I’ve said it before, the more I have going on the less inclined I am to write about it, and I guess it’s still true.

My job at the library has its pros and cons, as every job. Working in the stacks can be lonely, shelving books tedious and dusty. But I also love knowing where everything is. I get to see all the new books as they come in, and feel a bit of pride in being the one to place a new book for the first eager hands. After reshelving the same authors over and over I know who’s popular in a hands-on way, rather than a sales-numbers way. (Looking at you, Roberts and Patterson.)

Straightening a section to perfection satisfies my need to tame chaos. When I come back around an hour later and see that my beautifully aligned books now look like a mouthful of broken teeth do I feel annoyed? Nope. I feel happy that people were there, diving in head first, and I joyfully straighten them again. For some reason I feel this especially in the teen section. I love connecting people with books.Sure, I have to wake up the occasional group of homeless people sprawled in Adult Fiction. But I love love LOVE leading a customer right to her favorite author.

I wish I could work full time, but I don’t think my body could handle shelving 40 hours a week. It’s a physically demanding job what with all the walking and bending and kneeling. And mentally demanding, what with the constant Dewey Decimal figuring.

I rarely think of the sewing factory. When I do, the memory feels more like a dream, one of those awful tedious things that lasts all night and gives me a headache. If my time at the factory served a purpose in my growth, it might have only been to remind me what it feels like to earn a full paycheck. I do miss the money. But I also know that there’s potential to move up in the library to a level I’d never reach at the factory. So it’s a better long-term investment.

The only thing I’m really worried about is my headaches. The migraines are a regular thing again, and when the city installs air fresheners in our building in a month or two, I think they’ll only get worse. (You can bet I cried when I heard that news.) I’ve a renewed determination to find out why my migraines are happening, and going back to work has actually helped to better home in on the likely problem.

I’ll try to keep updating the blog on a more regular basis, since I also have some writing news to share.

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  1. I think the sewing factory made you appreciate the library more, don't you think?

  2. Indeed. Hey, what did the new theme look like in your phone?

  3. I'm so glad you're finding the work so satisfying and are happy there. :)

    I wonder - could diet be a part of the migraine problem? I've been doing a lot of reading and learning that clearing sugar and grains out of the diet can reduce or eliminate things like migraines and asthma, etc. Also dairy in some cases. Since sugar and grains are harmful for all mammals, and our bodies do all sorts of wonky things in response, perhaps there's something to the diet as healing thing. :) Just a thought.

    I hope the air fresheners don't impact you.

  4. Me too, girl, me too. There's no doubt I feel better in general when I don't eat sugar. I haven't noticed a difference in the fragrance issues, but then again I haven't cut back on sugar since I've been working again. Maybe it's time to cut it out again.


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