Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Let me ramble a bit and see where I end up, 'kay?

First of all, I'm finally seeing the end of the semester on the horizon. I think it's obvious from the two months between posts that this semester's classes have engulfed my every waking moment. Ask my Facebook friends, I've been mostly absent. Come look at my house and you will see evidence of my overwhelmitude in the dust and my dog's unclipped toenails.

But I've been complaining about the time crunch since the semester started. What is really happening is that I'm having an incredibly challenging and exhilarating experience. I have been this focused only a handful of times, and it feels great. I resent the necessary distractions of rest and relaxing activities even while complaining I need more of those distractions. Even housework has become a luxury, and I'm feeling nice and relaxed since I had an hour to get my room in shape. And not just the normal skim coat, either, I vacuumed (what?) and dusted (gasp!) and washed the curtains (shut the front door!). I know. I can't believe it either.

And now I'm seeing why all my readers have left me. All I ever do is talk about housework. I should have posted when my kid broke his arm, or when he ran into a pole. I should write an article about my weird inbred cat who drools constantly or my 15-year-old's cosplay obsession. Sorry.

One hobby-related bit of news is that I read some stuff I wrote years ago and I liked it! It was the beginnings of a book with some plot things and character stuff and a short prologue. The prologue is perfect the way it is, which is very exciting. I just wish I had a little more brain power and I'd find a way to fit in an hour or two of writing every week. But my brain is mush right now and writing will have to wait.

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