Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday afternoon:

Relaxing on the van seat I'm using as a couch in my garage. Waiting for all the churchgoers to get out and come to my sale. The blustery, overcast morning kept away the non-churchgoing heathens (a group of which I am a part) but the afternoon looks promising. The Godly people should be here soon.

Yesterday's take was about $150. I've never made that much in a garage sale, but I think I finally have the secret: Don't give a crap how much money you make. Yesterday I accepted every offer. "Will you take fifty cents for this?" Sure! "Is $2 for one or both?" Both! "What'll you take for this box of coffee mugs?" Name your price! Two dollars here, a dime there, it adds up to mucho moolah and less crap in my shed. I'm so happy, seeing all this crap leave my possession. Whatever is left over will go on Freecycle, except for a few items worth advertising in the paper. Everything else--the Christmas tree, the shop lights, the chairs--will be gone soon, one way or another. It may have to wait till after the conference, though.

Yay! The sun is out! Like I said, the afternoon looks promising.


Sunday evening:

Yesterday I made $150, today I made $15. Didn't sell any of my furniture, nor the a/c, nor the engine. I had five customers all day, but that's all right because overall the weekend was a smashing success. About 4 p.m. when I'd started cleaning up, a lady came to shop, but I just gave her as much as she could fit in her truck. She was glad to have it, and I was glad to be rid of it.

So there is where my "don't give a crap" rule comes in. Today I expected to sell the big-ticket items. I was salivating over doubling my money from yesterday, when I was focused on being rid of stuff. Coincidence? I think not.

Now I change from garage sale mode to conference mode. That's this weekend, folks. Yikes! and Woo!

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  1. Also, make sure you don't leave $15,000 dollars in a purse that you sold for 25¢.

  2. Wow. It's like you're living "The Secret," but only in reverse.

  3. Don, I'm pretty sure I spent that fifteen grand.

    Dwight, you jest, but yeah, that's my life. Thanks for peeking out of your pressure cooker long enough to comment. :)

  4. God how I hate having a garage sale. More power to you.

    Oh, and I'm going to do that tag...soon!

  5. Okay, Marta, can't wait.

    I hope I never have to have another garage sale.

  6. I've been on your site a handful of times, but I'm not sure I've ever left a message. This post cracked me up. Congrats on the successful garage sale (at least Saturday's portion). I have not been brave enough to have a garage sale...well, scratch that, I'm married to someone who won't let me get rid of anything! Ugh.

  7. Glad you poked your head up to say hi, Shelli! You have a beautiful website.

    I'm also married to a pack rat. Well, as long as it's HIS stuff. The rest of us own trash, he owns treasure, in his mind.

  8. ROFL - I have a whole list of things I don't give a crap about - will that help me be more successful?

    This was cute hon!


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