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I love warm spring mornings, waiting for the bus with the two oldest children, soaking up nature's joy in the rising sun. Today the kids almost missed the bus because of the distractions awaiting in our front yard. They lamented the violets losing their blossoms and reveled in the luxurious blooms of roses. They shed their jackets (thrust upon them by an overprotective mother) and skipped through the grass. Then a bird landed in the mulberry tree a few feet away and ate some breakfast, which, of course, the children then had to do. "Let's go eat the mulberries before the bird gets them all!" they cried.

They picked a few before the bus came, and then had to rush to make it to the street in time. "Have a wonderful day," I called as I do every morning. They chorused, "We will!" They sat in the front seat of the bus with their heads together and forgot to wave at me out the window, as they do more and more. That's all right.

Oklahoma is a great place to live. Really fantastically awesome. It has it's challenges, as every state does, but I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

A.C. Crispin of Writer Beware liked it when she came to the OWFI conference a couple of weeks ago. In the linked post she compares the Nebula Awards banquet with ours, the professional writer and the amateur. She talks about the enthusiasm and joy of writers who attended the conference, and through our example realized that once you're a pro it's easy to forget to enjoy writing.

I'm enjoying it, that's for sure. I finished my longer synopsis, which ended up being 2 1/2 pages. I know this is weird, given the general feeling floating around cyberspace about them, but I love writing synopses. It is a unique challenge, word-for-word taking about quadruple the time it takes to write the book itself, but when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, it is immensely satisfying.

So now the synopsis is finished, and while I wait for proofreaders to get back to me (anybody else who wants to volunteer, I'll love you forever) I'll insert the changes in the first three chapters that somehow didn't get saved the first time I did it. Then my proposal package will be complete, and I can focus on editing the rest of the book. IF I can stay inside during the lovely summer evenings and get it done.

I think the next topic I post about will be a fatherless follow-up.

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  1. Wow, I read Ann's post completely different. I read it like, "Aw, ain't those little pretend-writers out in Oklahoma cute?" (pats amateurs on heads) "Not like the PROFESSIONALS at all!" (swooshes away)

  2. Sounds like a lovely morning! A mulberry tree! A bird's favorite feast! It's still chilly here, low 50's and pretty hazy.

    Will you still love me forever anyway? I may know someone who would beta-read it for you, if you're ok with me fwding the copy you sent me.


  3. Fal, the readers are for the synopsis, not the pages I sent you. Do I know the person you're talking about? :) Hugs back!

    Cheryl, yeah, she thought we were cute little pretend writers, but that banquet room WAS buzzing. And it's still a good message. I got a taste of how things change after I got representation. The pressure I put on myself really sucked the fun out of it for a while. I hope I remember that lesson when I get a book deal.

  4. Ah!! Ok - well then send it to me! I'd love to read the synop! And yes, you do know who. I was asked about it, but didn't want to fwd the chapters you'd sent me without your knowledge or permission. She was cool with that. :)

  5. Mornings are really hard for me to find beautiful no matter where I am. Evenings? Altogether different. Mornings? GOD LET ME SLEEP.

    Love ya hon!

  6. Well, I'd like to read your synopsis if you don't mind. One--I'm interested in your writing. Two--I'm going to have to write my synopsis and I wouldn't mind seeing how you've written yours.

    If you have time--ha-ha--you're welcome to read the three chapters I posted on my blog. You certainly don't have to, but it's there. For what's it worth. And I'm here, south of you in Texas, hyperventilating.

  7. You know, I lived in Altus, OK when I was a little girl for a few years. It's the first place I remember, and I have good memories.

    I'd love to proofread your synopsis! By coincidence, I just wrote one for my novel. I'm volunteering at the Harriette Austin Writers Conference in July, and I'm able to submit it for a critique. I gave it to someone to proofread and she's taking a while returning it - although I'm sure she's busy doing other things, I'm imagining her ripping it to shreds.

    Like Marta, I've also put my first 15 pages on my website. Yikes. It may be premature since it's a first draft, but it's worth a try.


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