Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Friday, August 1, 2008

Well, people, guess what I did. I threw myself back into the world of socializing adults, that's what, by going to my first ever book club meeting down at the local library. A few weeks ago I saw a flyer in the library's window advertising the book club, and luckily one of the members had already checked in Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, so I was able to read it before the meeting last night.

I was excited about going until yesterday afternoon, when the usual social dread settled in. I couldn't remember a single reason I'd ever had for going, and in fact rationalized how it would be nice just to stay in and relax with the family. LIKE I DO EVERY DAY. And even though the hubs was pouting about it (I assume, since he'll never tell me exactly what's wrong and I usually have to draw my own conclusions and this would be something that would make him pout) I made myself pretty, finished up my housewiferly duties, dragged my ass to the van (one of the reasons for my social dread) and left.

And so I went to the library, talked about this awesome book with some very smart and personable ladies, and didn't die. Quite the opposite, actually. I don't think I inadvertantly offended anyone, so that right there puts me ahead of the game. I managed to sound halfway intelligent, and nobody threw me out. In fact, they gave me next month's book (Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper) and invited me back.

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  1. And there you have it! See? Easier than you think. You, too, can be a functioning member of society.

    Congratulations on the next petal to blossom, Sherri Blossoms. And it was almost painless, wasn't it?

    Growth doesn't have to hurt.

    Hugs. Enjoy the book, and the club.

  2. Knyt, you don't know it, but you just delivered a message from God. Thank you.

  3. Social dread is so me, too! I am all excited about a commitment I make...until zero hour, when I find a reason not to go. And I don't have a pouty hubs to guilt me out of it (at least not for 20+ years now.)

  4. Sanjy BacaramalamavindalooAugust 1, 2008 at 4:08 AM

    You needed some grown up friends. Good for you.

  5. I do the exact same thing- spontaneous excitement followed by dread. And I also gain ten pounds, ten years, and lose all ability to sound intelligent. Unitl I actually get there!
    And I've driven some pretty funky cars in my day- an oversized van that rattled and was killer to park, a broken-down truck with a missing driver's side window and wonky headlights, and still sometimes drive our old metro full of dents and a dicey clutch when my daughter has our only "nice' car. Sympathies.

  6. Wyrdd, I've started looking at the pouty hubs as a challenge.

    Ibrahim, thanks for stopping by.

    "Sanjy", you're right, I did need some.

    Sarah, good to be reminded that most everybody has had a crappy, embarrassing vehicle at some point in their lives, and there is hope. :)

  7. Congrats on a successful excursion to the book club! I've always wanted to join one, but the times they are offered at our library don't work with the kids' schedules. I envy you:)

    Like your blog and may be stopping by more often as Dwight has hung up the towel. Miss him and his insights already.

  8. Liz, glad to see you here. I miss reading Dwight, too. :(

  9. it does help to have an activity rather than mix and mingle party where you have to keep from looking like an oaf the whole time. I posted about this exact thing maybe a few weeks ago.

    so how was like water for elephants?

  10. I gave Water for Elephants 4 stars on Shelfari, because the ending sort of made me mad. But after getting the perspective of another lady, I realized I'd missed an important interpretation. It really deserves 5 stars. It's excellent.

  11. Yay! You did it! You just keep blooming every day, a little at a time. :D *hugs*

  12. Wow...I wish I had *your* kind of free time! LOL


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