Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here's an interesting dream I had. What do you think it means?

Dreamed I was practicing casting a fishing pole in a pond and ended up catching 4 huge fish while friends encouraged me. After the 4th one, I looked around at the nice houses surrounding the pond and started to wonder if I was allowed to catch fish there. I wanted to throw them back, but I'd already caught them and the friends said we should just take them, nobody would care. It was really bothering me that I was stealing the fish from this private pond, until I saw that the pond was fed by a stream, and so the fish were likely not exclusive to the pond, and would be replenished easily.

Does it mean that I don't deserve to have the things I've worked for? Fishing in other people's ponds, so the 4 fish I catch don't belong to me? Maybe it means I need to listen to my friends, even if I think they're leading me astray. The number 4 was important. Catching the fish was really easy. Too easy. That's why I felt guilty. What do the fish represent???

I'm totally wired today for some reason. Can't concentrate on anything. Jittery, can't sit still, my leg is bouncing as we speak. Here are some possible reasons: 1) The election, and the late hour I retired to my bedchamber, 2) Claritin, but it's supposed to have no side effects, 3) I was out of synthroid so I ended up taking my old (higher) dosage, but that hormone takes days to even out, so I can't imagine that's it. TOTALLY WIRED, PEOPLE.

Oh, maybe it's the weather. We may get storms this evening.

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  1. No one else tackled your dream? Hmm. Well!

    I think the fish represent gifts you have, like the gift of writing. And I suspect that sometimes you feel you don't deserve it, that you haven't done enough with it to justify keeping it. The key here is not that you don't deserve these gifts, but that you feel like you don't deserve them. Huge difference there. Your friends encourage you, because we recognize the gifts for what they are and you don't seem to yet. Perhaps 4 means that deep in your heart you feel there are 4 things you are really good at. Oh, and the catching was so easy because gifts are not things you catch or earn, but are handed to you. Sometimes we feel guilty for that, but God knows who can use which gifts best.

    And I'm not positive, but I thought Claritin did have side effects?

  2. I think you may be right about the dream, Fal. I can't think of four whole things I'm really good at. Let me think... Writing, singing, dropping things, instigating uncomfortable silences... Hey, that's four!

    I know Claritin-D has side effects, because that's what I used to take for my migraines until it stopped working. This is regular allergy Claritin, so I don't know. I'm too lazy to look it up. :)

  3. Writing, singing, resourcefulness, dedication. Laughter, joy, cheerfulness, thoughtfulness. Pick a card, any card. ;)

    Or, perhaps 4 means heart, soul, mind, body. Emotional, spiritual, mental, physical. Different aspects of yourself.

  4. I looked up the fishes on dream websites, and they say fishes often represent gifts. So...yeah. :)


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