Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Monday, November 17, 2008

My laptop was out of commission yet again, only for a couple of days this time. I dropped it and snapped off the plug inside the power jack. Ordered a new cord, from one of those powerselling eBay guys. The cord cost less than the shipping, altogether about $18.

Just a couple of weeks ago I spent all day tearing down the laptop to replace the power jack, first time soldering a piece to a motherboard, and I think I might have loosened my terrible soldering job, because now the connection, even with this new cord, is a little iffy. I'd list all the other challenges I've had with the power cord, but I don' wanna. Let's just say it started with Cody the Questionable Coyote chewing the cord, and went from there.

Speaking of dogs, we've had a dachshund visitor for a week. She somehow ended up outside our door (looking at you, neighbor) on the first rainy night in weeks. I'm a sucker, all right? I know the dog could have found a dry place to sleep, but I didn't want to chance it. She's so much better behaved than Cody ever was, so the only problem is the family's allergies.

During a naming brainstorm session, Jonah hollered out, "Brown Bootie!" Um, why that name, sweetie? "Because she's mostly black except for her brown bootie." (Think doberman markings.) So of COURSE I had to start calling her that. How could I not? We shortened it to B.B. for outdoor calling. Don't want my neighbors to think I'm weird.

We made up a song for her and everything, sung to the tune of "My Buddy." That old doll commercial, remember? Do a Youtube search. I don't link while on the treadmill. Everything's the same except the name and a couple of lines. We don't work that hard.

So then the kids decided that B.B. wouldn't do, so they decided upon Bendy, cuz she's, like, a long-ass bendy weiner dog. Now, you might know there once was a crocodile hunter, and he had a daughter named Bindy, who had a show called "Bindy the Jungle Girl". So (again, look it up) the song is now: Bendy the weiner dog. WeinER.

After doing a reasonable search for her real parents, I put her on Freecycle, and I have a lady coming to meet her tonight. So Brown Bootie might soon have a permanent home and, hopefully, a real dog's name. We'll miss her.

SSS, as we used to sign our notes in middle school. Sorry So Sloppy. That's just how I roll in THOUGHTS FROM THE TREADMILL!!!  Mwahahaha!

I'll shut up now.

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  1. Interesting that strays always show up at your door. Good news must travel fast in the animal kingdom 'round your parts. Heh.

  2. I know! Like I said, we're suckers.

    I may discontinue the "thoughts from the treadmill" series. I don't like how erratic they are.

  3. You're back! I haven't checked in for a while. Sounds like typing and treadmill-ing (??) is working pretty well!

  4. Your poor laptop! You should name it Timex.

    That cracks me up that you put a dog on Freecycle. It never occurred to me that people could do something like that. I hope the lady is nice and that Bendy the Brown Bootie wiener dog gets a good home. Hard to believe someone wasn't out there looking for her.

    And good for you for sticking with the treadmill! I admire your persistence!

  5. Me and Megan laughed when we read the 'long-ass' part and then looked around to make sure our teacher wasn't reading over our shoulders. lol.

    And the 'how I roll' at the end made me think of 'it's cause i'm da bomb.'
    'we don't say that anymore, sherri'
    and then you, 'that's just how I roll'

    lol Love You Stepmommy!!!

  6. Z, You crack me up. LMAO That IS how I roll.

    Miss you, girl.

  7. Miss you too.

    I think I'm coming over Saturday. That cool??

  8. [...] …the power jack is so loose that I must remain absolutely still in order to keep it plugged in, even when it’s sitting on a table. Hard to do when you’re typing. This is something I fixed before. [...]


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