Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Saturday, April 10, 2010

So some of you wondered about my pinhole glasses. The kind I have are called "Foxy."

As you can see, the lenses are opaque with holes poked in them. To see how they work for yourself, poke a hole in a piece of paper with a pin and look through. If you normally wear glasses, you should be able to see clearly through that hole without your glasses. Something to do with the way light bounces around your retina. Click the link above for a complete explanation.

Anyway, I wore prescription glasses for a long time, about ten years, but I was never satisfied with my vision. It never seemed quite right, and finally I decided to go without glasses for a few days to see if my headaches improved. They did, and I could see fine after a few days of adjusting to naked sight after years of looking through goggles. I'm done with glasses forever. I'll never have prescription spectacles again until a government representative tells me I must.

It's a long story, but what I found during that experimental time was that I can see fine without glasses, but my vision deteriorates quickly when my eyes are fatigued, and that fatigue triggers migraines. I found pinhole glasses to be a cheap and easy alternative, and I only use them on days when a migraine feels imminent. Looking through the pinholes keeps me from having to focus too hard, and keeps the migraine at bay if I'm vigilant. And the rest of the time I don't have to wear glasses.

Pinhole glasses don't work well for web surfing, where your eyes are jumping from one element to another on the page, but they're good for reading, both on-screen and off. This pair was el cheapo and one of the arms broke off. I'd love to invest in a nicer pair.

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  1. This is interesting information. My eyes are not in need of correction yet, but they are not as clear as they were. I'm glad to know this. One question though, where does the 'dorkiness' come in? Are they silly to look at? Is that what you're saying?

  2. Yeah, they look kind of silly, like something you'd buy out of the back of a comic book. If I whipped them out to read a label in the grocery store, they would draw some weird looks. But I'm used to that.

  3. Well, learn something new every day here on Sherri Blossoms!

  4. I think we got aviator or something like that. :) I can't recall, it's been a while. I had some about 20 years ago and was surprised at how much they helped, and I had excellent vision at the time. And now, they help even more.

    And I think Darc is kinda cute, he wears his when he's working on stuff on his computer, and he's all cool with his reading shades. :D

  5. Mine are the epitome of cool. I have the aviator style, and I rock 'em whenever I want. Anyone thinks I'm a dork can bite me. Heh.
    Oh, and we got a three-fer deal where we paid a discounted price and got three pairs. One of them has broken already, but they were so cheap I don't even care. I like the aviators but I might get the more classic design next time. I love mine.

  6. Yeah, stupid spammers. I marked it spam so it's gone now. I was all excited, too, because my SIL is named Amy and I thought it was a comment from her.


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