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Well, so I've been thinking about where to take the blog. It's no secret I've been less than excited about it lately, especially the personal stories which seemed so important in the first few years, but now...notsomuch. I've talked about everything personal already. I think I want to focus on publishing, but there's so much babble about it already.

But I have this feeling my perspective can fit into the babble somewhere. I just have to figure out what that perspective is. I've learned a lot about what it means to have an agent, to be on submission, to get critiques both good and bad, to give critiques good and bad. I've done a lot--and I mean a lot--of work on my internal process as a writer, and some of my insights on that could help someone. Briefly, I was on the other side, the editing side (and btw, the start-up e-pub isn't happening after all), and surely I could write something about that.

Do you know, the only thing that's dampened my enthusiasm for the blog is the worry about hurting the business side of my writing career. I worry endlessly about that, and it's hard to let the Muse of the Weblog off her leash to find a post for me when I'm afraid of sounding like a whiney-butt, or hurting someone's feelings, or giving away too much information about my professional relationships. I can't keep stifling myself like this. It seeps over into my real work.

I don't know, I'm just restless; thinking out loud. Is there anything about my writing experience so far that you'd like to know more about? The response here might help me decide where I need to go with the blog. The chirp of crickets would indicate I need to dump it entirely, but I can't seem to do that. Sorry to disappoint. :)

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  1. I think documenting how your journey has evolved, from what it took to write EG to how BVA came together to how you see the next one being written (there IS a next one, right?) would be good. Alongside that, what do you see from your perspective as an unpublished but agented writer? (Us PUBLISHED AUTHORS know nothing of this plight anymore, of course.) What's the industry change which frightens you the most? which excites you the most?

    I think discussion of your writing process as you go along would be good. It's mayhem to me, but it's nirvana to you. To you it's order and structure and to someone else it makes no sense. But someone might benefit from hearing about how you do it because they're just like you (you'd be surprised) and just because you haven't found them yet doesn't mean they aren't out there Googling for your insight right now.

    The stuff you can toss into the ring are as limitless in scope as the Internet itself. Knock y'se'f out, dolly. It's all good and your input's as good as anyone else's, and in a lot o' cases, better.

  2. Well that doesn't narrow it down much. LOL

  3. It's a puzzle isn't it? What I did with mine was to finally settle on blogging about things that appeal to me, first of all- and worrying less about whether they appeal to anyone else. Kind of what we try to do in our writing, eh? I also wanted to make sure it didn't become a time suck when I need that energy for my other writing. So I post photos or images that move me or make me smile and have some kind of meaning for me, and then I write whatever the image or photo moves me to write. This provides a way for me to focus on one of the main reasons I started writing: to create a space I want to be in.
    So,you could ask yourself- how can you make, a place you want to be? A place you look forward to visiting?

  4. "how can you make, a place you want to be?"

    Oooh, Great question! Now's your chance to pout together the kind of industry blog you've always wanted to read!

    Would you pretty please delete the comment that posted before I was finished? I have no idea what happened.

  5. Did it, Fal.

    Honestly, I've been asking myself that question for years and haven't come up with the answer. I thought getting the template just right would do it for me, but it hasn't. I suppose I've been waiting for the industry to put me in a niche, and that would be published author, but I've been waiting for a long time and can't justify waiting any longer.

  6. Thanks. :)

    Then perhaps it's time to make your own niche, take the bull by the horns. Blog as though you already ARE a published author, and then perhaps the reality will follow.

    The whole "if you build it they will come" thing. Just might work, you know. :)


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