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A couple of months ago, a couple from my town, Tecumseh, OK, was murdered in Arizona by some escaped convicts. One convict was captured fairly quickly, but the other one and his girlfriend/cousin were on the lam for a little while. They made it to Meteetsee, WY, where they were captured. This is weird for me, because my Internet friend Yellowcat lives there. They could have chosen anywhere in the world to go, but they were captured in the actual town where a person on my blogroll lives. Now that's what I call a coincidence. It's not like I have hundreds of readers, and only one of them lives in Wyoming. Think of all the things that had to happen to connect me to a random Internet friend in such a way. Weird and sad.

Another violent event which touched me, of course, was the subject of my previous post. The two men who locked down my entire town for most of a day blame their crime spree on drugs. One is remorseful, and I feel sorry for him; I hope he gets treatment. The other is acting like a shit, so I hope he gets a beating sees the error of his ways someday.

Well now there's been a torture/rape/murder involving people from my hometown of Prague, OK. The guy they arrested was a year behind me in school; his sister, also arrested, was in my brother's class; the man they found dead is the same age as my step-daughter, but I don't recognize the name so I don't know if he went to school with her; and they haven't released the female victim's name yet, I guess because she survived and they're protecting her.

And these are just the things with a direct connection to me. Other crazy things have happened in my area that just a couple of years ago would have seemed impossible. Things like these don't happen in my world. It's going to take some getting used to, this feeling I have a target on my back.

Didn't mean for this to be a bummer, sorry!

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  1. Well, if you read Yellowcat's blog then you know as well as anybody, she attracts all kinds of weirdos. Usually, they're just patrons of her restaurant, but maybe there's something bigger at work. Maybe, she's a freak magnet.

    Or maybe, just maybe, in regards to all these weird connections between you and the dregs of society, psst, maybe you're one of them and that switch on your back has simply been set to "good" instead of "evil."

  2. It is weird, isn't it, to not just see the names of places you thought were safe involved in these horrific things, but people you knew too? I can only imagine how awful that must feel. I don't know if I've ever experienced something like that, but I bet it does make you creep out a little, and worry.

    But try not to; you're going to be fine. :)

  3. Oh, I could go on and on about my odd connections to violent acts--in Florida. Funny enough, not at all here in Texas. But back home, a couple went on a shooting spree, killed a man at a restaurant where my father and I used to go and another person in the parking lot of where my dad goes grocery shopping. My classmate who was murdered on Halloween no less. My best friend's aunt who was murdered, her body cut up to fit in a suitcase. The guy who killed his dad--my step-mother had a slight connection to them. The neighbor who is on death row for murder. This girl who once stood in my driveway (the date of the boy I had a crush on and he brought her over to my place), she later shot someone further down my street. There are a few more stories but I'll stop.

    This is why I never feel safe in Florida. Not that terrible things don't happen here, but I don't feel connected to them, which gives me that false sense of security.

    And I think once your awareness gets raised, you see this sort of thing everywhere. It shows to how connected we all are.

    Good thoughts to you.

  4. Wow, that is some bizarre stuff to happen so close to you personally and around you physically. For what it's worth, I don't think you have a target on your back. I think it's just one of those weird things. And really, better around you than to you!

    @Marta - I'm just dumbstruck by all that!

  5. I'm with you, Fal, Marta has a pretty long list of craziness! lol I don't feel so bad now.

  6. In my favorite sci-fi show Torchwood, the premise is that in Cardiff, Wales, there is this rift in space and time. Through this rift all kinds of space debris and creatures from different planets and times can slip into our world, our time.

    I've rather felt that my hometown is located on a similar rift, but instead of things from space, it lets in the crazies.

  7. I love it! That would explain a lot. I've never watched Torchwood. Always thought I should, but didn't know where to start. Maybe I'll make more of an effort, because it sounds pretty cool.


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