Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Monday, January 17, 2011

I tried to blog yesterday, I really did. But the kids were home for MLK day, and… Well, that’s all I have. And that’s not even a real excuse, but if you see what I wrote yesterday, you’d be glad I didn’t post it. Borrring.

Or maybe you haven’t noticed that my schedule is now Mondays and Thursdays and so you weren’t waiting for my post. In that case, disregard the first paragraph. And this one. Oh hell, just stop reading right here.

Please don't go.

I’m still getting used to my new laptop. It’s a teensy bit annoying that the keyboard and mousepad are squished over to the left to make room for the 10-key pad, but it’s a small price to pay to have that. Plus when I had to get something off my old laptop, whose mousepad is firmly centered, I kept having to correct the alignment of my hands, so I guess I’m assimilating the new layout. I’m still having trouble with the ancillary keys like delete and pg up/down, and it looks like I’ll have to make a concerted effort to memorize those.

Like I said, people, small price to pay. Can I get an amen?

I bought this laptop for greater portability, as my old one is made for viewing movies and not for carrying. The inconvenience of the keyboard is worth the 4-lb difference in weight, especially since I have a fantastic wireless keyboard for any serious writing sessions. Which is ironic, since I think I may be done with the path of career novelist.

So that brings me to the topic of the first real You Are the Muse post planned for Thursday, and questions for you. No matter how we plan, there’s so much we can’t control anytime we reach for a goal. What if we’re so obsessed with that goal we refuse to see our true calling? How can we tell when we need to change paths? What would it take for you to abandon your current guiding star and navigate by another?

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  1. " I think I may be done with the path of career novelist." Whoa. Really?

  2. Well when you put it like that...NO! lol Nah, I don't know. That's what it feels like right now. I think what I meant by that is that I'm going to be at peace with whatever happens. I doubt I'll stop writing novels, but I don't want to miss other opportunities because my focus is too narrow.

  3. I don't think I can change course. Heck, if the river of LIFE over the last three years couldn't do it, what can? Every time I turn around it seems to be affirmed for me. Which is why I'm selling a million copies on Kindle right now.


    Well... nevertheless, I like writing and want it to be my career. Even though I've only made a little money doing it so far, it's addicting. It's like ... like career crack. Yeah.

    Or something.

    I don't think I'm going to give up chasing it. I don't know if I'll EVER go the route of the gatekeeper system, but I don't think I'll give up on writing as a career, either.


  4. First of all, Amen!

    Change paths? I suspect most people know when something's not working. Like how I realized I'd never be the novelist I wanted to be. Some people keep beating their heads against a brick wall though, and never seem to figure it out. I like to think I would know when to stop going "by one star" to opt for another. I think I would just know when something isn't working anymore.

  5. Fal, is there no time you can look back and see where you should have stopped but didn't?

  6. DK, I'm pretty sure that whatever I'm meant to do involves writing of some kind, but what I'm not sure of is what kind. You branched out from fiction to write how-to manuals, for instance. If you feel you are already answering your calling, that's terrific. I envy people who know what they want to do and have no doubts.

  7. Only as pertains to past relationships, lol.


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