Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Thursday, January 13, 2011

I often don’t start ambitious projects because I’m afraid to fail, as many of us are, but also because I know how likely it is that I will lose interest in the project before it really takes off. I have huge temporary ambitions every day. Usually, if I ignore the urge to declare one, it will fade after only a day or two.

One idea has returned many times over the past year, when I declared it and then ran out of steam. My idea was to start a new blog focused on the spiritual side of writing, and I decided to call it You Are the Muse. I reserved the Wordpress address and made lists of possible topics…and then it faded away as I focused on casting off the stone around my neck—I mean, finishing my second book.

This was a good thing, as I needed to become more zen about the whole process. When I wrote the original post one year ago, I hadn’t finished the growth I felt was in play. Of course, one usually can’t tell when one is finished with a stage of life until one can look back on it and see the lines of demarcation. And I’m not finished with the big picture lesson of this time, but I think I’ve crossed one important line.

So here’s the deal. I don’t want to start a new blog, as I’d originally decided would be prudent. I know I won’t keep up with it if I do that, so what I’ll do is just start posting these things in a (hopefully) regular feature.

What I hope to do with these posts is to speak the truth of my heart as it pertains to writing, and to encourage others to do the same, regardless of what we think we “should” do. I’d love it to be a collaborative effort, starting with stories of personal processes—long or short, rambling or on point, any form you choose—so send me yours.

While inspiration can come from anywhere, I believe what we call the muse is actually the connection to the things which inspire us. I’d like to explore that with you.

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  1. A connection. Hmm. That's an interesting theory.

    I guess I've always thought of "muse" as a cool word for "imagination."

    Of course, I don't really have one by either name. :)

    This could be really interesting. Are you going to dedicate a specific day to it, like Wednesday Writing or something like that?

  2. Well right now I'm posting on Mondays and Thursdays, and I thought about starting slow, maybe replacing the Thursday post with the muse feature, though I imagine I'll reorganize if it turns out to be a good thing, maybe add another post a week.

    In my experience, "the muse" is regarded as something that comes from outside the artist and bestows not only the idea for a creation but also the will to create it. I may do a post on that after some research. Thanks for being my muse!

  3. What a great title! I like the idea of exploring the concept of the muse, in a spiritual context. If it leads to a whole site dedicated to the topic, even better, imo.

  4. That's how I envision it, but if I dwell too long on the end result, I will never begin. :)


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