Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Friday, July 20, 2012

I could do one of two things right now: log into Castleville for the third time today, or write a blog post. Yay for me, making the more productive choice.

I’ve started trying to do that more, now that it seems to make a difference.

You know how sometimes life is just harder? Little things go wrong, attempts to make progress of any kind is thwarted, and you just start expecting things to go wrong? At first you try to stay positive, but eventually you get tired and just hunker down, hoping it passes someday. This is where I’ve been for a while, but it seems to be opening up.

For instance, the library. I went in Wednesday for the daughter’s routine book trade, thinking I’d take the opportunity to speak to the librarian about my volunteer application. Based on previous visits, when she was coincidentally absent to the point of absurdity, I fully expected to miss her again. But this time she was right there at the desk, checking some people out. She finished with them just as I walked up, and though we’d only met once before, she remembered me.

I don’t know why I expect people not to recognize me. I guess it’s because I have such an average face I feel like I blend in.

Anyway, she said July is a pretty busy month (as you mentioned, Fal) and she’d likely be calling me in August. I can’t wait! I feel like this is the first step on the road to actual employment.

So that’s one road block that’s opened up. I’m hopeful more will come.

What about you, any progress?

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  1. Yay! I knew it would be okay! :) You're going to be awesome there too.

    I know that feeling about life being harder. Sometimes you have to just brace yourself but I always try to remember one of my mottoes: This Too Shall Pass. It helps sometimes.


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