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Again I'm at the point where real life is more interesting and busy than my digital one. I've neglected Facebook over Twitter, yet I haven't disconnected the link between the two, so it looks like I'm updating Facebook all the time. I don't mind except I miss FB comments and look like a douchebag. (I know the word "douchebag" doesn't usually apply to ladies, but I do love it so!) So I guess I should do a run-down of the low-down. Here's what I've been up to in a numbered list, so in your comments you can merely reference the number of the topic. You're welcome.

  1. I typed so much on my beautiful new/ancient typewriter that my bad finger refused to type anymore. Back to pecking the keyboard with my patented left hand/right index finger technique, and only when absolutely necessary. (yes, this is necessary.)

  2. I'm about halfway through Brian D'Amato's (you say D'Amayto, I say D'Amahto) In the Courts of the Sun, about a modern Maya guy who travels back in time to save us from whatever disaster 12-21-12 has in store. The subject matter is way dense, but it's something which has always fascinated me, and the language is just light enough to keep me afloat. And I do mean just. Even the lightness is dense at times, if that makes any sense. But overall I like it.

  3. Ummm, let's see...Oh yeah, speaking of dense, I spent two whole days cleaning all the viruses off my mom's laptop. (It wasn't her fault, btw.) She hasn't been able to use it for months, so she said if I could get it working I could use it, because...

  4. An editor expressed interest in BVA but wants to see a 15-20 page synopsis, so I had to get crackin' on that. I started writing by hand, thought of switching to the typewriter, but since I want to get it done a.s.a.p. I'd prefer to put it right into Word.

  5. Which reminds me, I have to get that installed on here somehow...

  6. I'm back to weaning myself off processed foods and sugar. It's not so scary the fifth time you do it. I'm convinced that reducing the toxins I take in with my food will help my body process the toxins I take in through the environment. I can control the former, but not the latter. Join me.

That's not all I have to talk about, but I have to save my finger. I'm going to steal an idea from Ian's blog and let you ask me questions for a future post. Anything you want to know, about writing or politics or my personal life? How about if I make it interesting and say that I will anwer any question you throw at me. Dare I promise that? Sure, why not? I'll answer anything. Might not be he answer you want, though...

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  1. I want to know if you had to write something in a different genre from your preferred genre, what would it be and why? (I'm a closet Westerns fan)

  2. 3) Isn't that fun? I spent 13 years doing for other people. I can't tell you how much fun I had. If I could bottle and sell all that fun ... wow.

    4) Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    5) Suggestion: You don't have Word on your loaned laptop, but there are free alternatives which will work as well and can save as Word files, if the editor insists on Word format, and can be downloaded for free. Suggestions include and Abiword. Both of those will save in Word-compatible formats, and OpenOffice is pretty powerful if clumsy.

  3. Oh, back to 5: You can also find lots of free word processing packages to make RTF (Rich Text Format) files; if your editor is willing to accept this format you can use almost any of them out there. Or you can just install Word, should you have a copy.

  4. If you could choose to live in the ascent or descent of a civilization? Which would you choose and why?

  5. Hey, good questions, guys. I'm typing my responses now, but you'll have to wait till the next post to read them. :) I guess DarcKnyt either already knows everything there is to know about me, or he's just not that interested. Cover your mouth when you yawn, Knyt!

    Keep 'em coming!

  6. (trying again ...)

    Okay, I have a question for you - what are this Friday's winning lotto numbers?

    Seriously, WOO YAY AWESOME on #4!! You can SO do this! Dang, if I lived closer, I'd have you dictate it to me and type it up for you so you could save your owie hand. You know I'll be saying a prayer for you! You go! *hugs*

    That time travel book sounds kind of interesting ... and ... if you could meet any historical figure, who would it be?

  7. Woo! I have 3 questions now! Thanks :)

  8. So here's my question...

    Something has happened that has brought about the downfall of the USA - a nuclear incident, dirty bomb, swine flu, or a generic uprising of the American people. Needless to say, it's going to be the descent of the United States and resources are going to be extremely thin.

    If you had the opportunity to seize the moment and be the first person to hit your local Costco, Kroger, or other supermarket / drugstore before other people realized what was happening, how would you load your cart(s) and what is your rationalization for your choices?


  9. This is not my answer to your question, K, I'm just trying to see if this nesting works in my comments.

  10. Hey, it works! Something WORKS!!!


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