Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When I don't blog/spew regularly I get nervous. Nothing I say on here is earth-shattering, but it appears I need to say it. I want to start posting every morning, even if it's just what I ate for dinner the night before. You can ignore those posts, but at least I still get my daily spew. I think posts are more effective when they are short and to the point, but when I don't post about my life for a while, things get backed up and then you get long, rambling posts which make your eyes cross and glaze over as you drool on the arm of your chair, or a numbered list. Like this one.

  1. Still working on my domain problem. They make it confusing on purpose, so that only the strongest come out on the other side. It's like hazing in a sorority. In fact, on my last pass through GoDaddy Support, I'm pretty sure somebody poked me with a stick and called me Thunder Thighs.

  2. We brought home a gerbil. One child is allergic to cats, and one mom is allergic to cleaning up after a dog, so we're trying a gerbil now. Her name is Marmalade, she's black with a white goatee, and she chews everything. She's getting used to me holding her, mostly because I always have sunflower seeds, but she still doesn't like it much. I like her because her mess is contained to a 10-gallon area. We need to get a companion for her. I think she's lonely.

  3. Next on my to-be-read list is All the Windwracked Stars, by Elizabeth Bear. I have high hopes. After my previous reading experience turned out to be a major disappointment--so boring I skimmed large chunks, something I never do--I really need a decent one to cleanse my palate.

  4. Went to the Science Museum of Oklahoma Friday. It used to be called the Omniplex, and that's what I will call it till my dying day, because it's a cool name. We had a good time, besides the IMAX movie being the lamest freakin' movie in the whole world. It would have been lame on the small screen, but in an IMAX theater you want to be wowed, you want to feel like you're zooming, you don't want a sappy, idiotic story about flies on Apollo 11, where all they do is float weightless. There was about 12 seconds of zooming, total.

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  1. I think it's a great idea to do a post a day. I have two months worth of posts bottled up in my head that I should probably start writing :)

    Also, I think your gerbil's name is AWESOME! Bonus points for the containable mess as well. I'm loving the fact that I don't have to clean as much now that we've contained the dogs to the middle level of the house. You're far far smarter than me for figuring that out :)

  2. I love that title--All the Windwracked Stars.

  3. Yeah, the poking "thunder-thighs" thing ... that was me. Sorry.

    Don't gerbils eat one another? We had hamsters as a kid, and they bit the bleeding hell out of one another.

  4. Like the new theme, Thunderthighs. It loads faster, which is an issue for me.

  5. I liked the other one--this is going to get confusing. You know, the other new one. But this strikes me as more you. It is brighter and more cheerful. The other one was elegant, but...I don't know...not quite right.

    Go with the one you love!

  6. HEY! My avatar WORKED here! What happened since THIS post? Hmmm....

  7. This comment was made on the old site, so maybe it's permanently imbedded. But if you'll notice, WIGSF's and Kristy's did not.


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