Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Sunday, June 21, 2009

Come on in. Sorry about the mess. Looks like I'm forced to make some changes to the blog after all. I had subscribed to a year of domain mapping and CSS here on Wordpress ($25 for both, if I remember correctly) and it worked very well for me. I was able to tweak the colors of the template to match my header, and my readers didn't see the ".wordpress" in my URL. Very smooth and glitch-free. Then I let the subscriptions lapse, and it has been a couple of weeks of total confusion, trying to figure out who hosted what, which settings to change, and what to change them to. I'm finally back in control but unfortunately can't do a simple redirect from my domain, so the only access to this blog is through the wordpress URL.

Why not just pay the $25 per year to WP if it's that important, you might be wondering. Well, because. I've never liked the limitations that we Wordpressers have to deal with on a free blog, and yet the 25 bucks didn't give me total control, either. It was a good compromise for a while, but I want more control over what I can and can not do on my own blog. That either means going back to Blogger, or paying a monthly fee for hosting. If I go to Blogger I lose all my previous posts, basically starting from scratch. That hurts. But I don't have a reason to spend time and money on my own website, so... I don't know what I'll do. I guess I'll just keep limping along with the blog the way it is now and hope everybody keeps reading till I get something concrete. So if you're not getting my RSS feed anymore, just subscribe to . You can keep the old feed active, if you want. It won't hurt anything, and then when I do find a permanent home for my domain name, you'll already be set up for it.

I'll answer another reader question in my next post. Thanks, guys, just for being you.

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  1. When I switched from blogger to wordpress, I was able to bring my posts with me. I might not be remembering this right but I think the only problem I had with the switch was that they came over under the date that I did the switch--so the archives weren't the same. I mean, if it had originally been written in Jan. of 2007, on wordpress it will forever be dated as the day I moved over. Something like that.

    Point is though--they did move.

    I like WP well enough, but I wish I could do more with it--though I know next to nothing about web design or code.

    Good luck with it.

  2. Yeah, when I came over from Blogger I brought all my stuff with me. Once I got here I found out that Blogger didn't have an importer like Wordpress does. I'm still looking for a way, though.

    (and yay, I won a book! :) )

  3. There is one, painful and time consuming way. You can open Windows Live Writer, open all your WP posts individually, and repost them to a Blogger blog, making sure the dates are correct. That's the only way I've been able figure out. Because Blogger sucks.

    And you won't retain your comments with that either.

    You could dual post, going forward though. It's easy in WLW, just post to one blog, then switch to the other and repost. I do do that for my football blogs.


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