Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Thursday, September 24, 2009

The best cure for a birthday hangover is a complimentary email from a new reader. The second-best cure is to take steps to get your life in order. So when the complimentary reader asked me how to subscribe to Sherri Blossoms, I took a look at my template and made some changes which should have been made already.

If you look above the header, you'll see a few buttons with various subscription options. You can either syndicate the content to your favorite RSS reader or get the posts in your email. You can also register as a user of the blog, which is most useful for solving avatar issues, apparently. After you've registered, there's a login button which should (if I've configured it correctly) bring you directly back to the blog once you've logged in.

I've deleted approximately the first half of my posts. My first blog was 3 1/2 years and four URLs ago, and I've just been dragging those old posts around with me. I feel pretty good about leaving them behind on my previous blog site, and soon I'll be cleaning up that template to reflect its abandonment.

I have a strong urge to wrap things up, finish old projects, de-clutter my life. We'll see how long the urge lasts. Meanwhile, wear out that "Subscribe by Email" button, why don'tcha.

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  1. I've already got you in my reader. I can't bring myself to delete old posts - I may have changed, but they are like a journal of who I was then.

  2. I think I agree with SAW ... I tend to keep them as mementos of what I used to be, where I was at the time. A chronicle of what I've been through.

    But the avatar clearing issue is keen. I just can't figure out why it happens on your blog and nowhere else.

  3. Knyt: "Keen"? What, did you just teleport from high school in the 50's? lol

    If this were simply a personal blog, I wouldn't worry about leaving them. But half the links don't work anymore, most of the pics and comments on the old posts didn't come over with them, and there's just a lot of angst that I'd like to leave behind. Like I said, I only deleted them from this blog; they're still accessible on the old one.

  4. I am late (as per usual) but happy birthday, Sherri!

    I can understand wanting to clear out blog posts, both because some posts no longer reflect how you want to present yourself as a person and writer to the internet at large and because some posts turn out to be more harmful to your writing career than you thought they would be (note that I am not saying that you have done the latter, I just happened to read that post recently and thought it was interesting enough to share).

  5. Thanks for the birthday happiness!

    That is exactly the reason I'm phasing out my old posts. I think I will end up moving the entire old blog to a URL without my name on it eventually. Good link.

  6. Yeah, "keen". You got a problem with that? I will SOOOO ban you from my site AND take you off my blogroll AND write a post about why I did it, so WATCH IT, SISTER.

  7. Clutter is the best. I love clutter. I live in clutter. When my home is uncluttered, I feel like I've lost something important to me. If I lost half my blog, I'd go nuts.

  8. You just reminded me that I recently had a blogoversary myself.

    I think I'm of the mind to keep the old stuff around. Reminds me where/when I started, gives people a chance to get to know me a little better if they're so inclined, and it's kind of a chronicle. That being said, I don't have a lot of very personal stuff on the blog. If I did, I'd probably want to go through and clear out things that felt more revealing now.

    De-cluttering is almost always a good thing, and good things come from it. :) I do love your old posts - went through them all when I first met you.

  9. You WOULD go nuts? Hasn't that already happened?

  10. Well, hot damn woman -

    Happy belated Birthday!

    Dare I say welcome to the '40's yet? It's a total blast - everything is much more fun and silly in the '40's than in the '30's, i swear.

    Tomas and I were just discussing MY unexpected use of the word "Keen", Tomas being you and asking "Opie" what she would like for breakfast. Ahem.

    DarcKnyt - I love that you got all badass there, lol - I wimped out and pretended I said it in an English accent, a totally pathetic way to try and get out of the noose.....

    Just wanted to say I have missed you, and cannot believe my luck in popping back on the day after your Birthday.

    Keen. :)

  11. SO keen that I cannot even properly capitalize.


  12. Kelly, that's a funny coincidence, as I have not heard the word "keen" in use in a very long time. Was going to ask how you've been, but I can just go over to your blog and see. :)

  13. Sherri. This looks BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE the changes, it is so clean and lovely. Your blogs have always been pretty, but this is really really sharp. Nice job, honeypants.

  14. Oh, and one more thing: I hope when you deleted those posts that you copied them first. I can understand the urge to stop talking about how you got to where you are, but I think it's a really valuable story to keep. Okay? lc xoxox

  15. I did back up the blog before I deleted anything from here, and I left the old blog site intact. It's not a secret, just the past.

    Thank you for coming by today, Claud. Glad you're feeling well. :)

  16. i used to delete blogs too, especially the ones that reminds me how stupid i was, sometimes going over through old memories is not hurting, haha

    i can't count how many times ive deleted old posts with all the memories of hatred and sadness on them

    but sure, after deleting them, i felt renewed, like oh my, im staring a new beginning... :)

    wish you the best!

  17. Thank you for the good wishes, and welcome. :)


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