Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Saturday, September 19, 2009

Well, I finally got Windows Live Writer installed, hooray. I tried fixing many different things, but I think the thing that made the difference was updating my .NET thingymabob, whatever that’s for. But who cares, it worked and I’m composing this scintillating post in the aforementioned program.

Since I’m constantly connected to the Internet, the main reason I wanted WLW was to back up my blog, and I’m hoping one of the Darcs can help me figure out how to do that. Once it’s backed up I’ll start pulling some of the old posts which are simply spam magnets and fluff. Who knows, maybe I’ll delete everything and start from scratch. That’s a terrifying prospect.

We had a lovely Saturday, with a spontaneous outing to our town’s annual Frontier Days festival. My daughter got to walk in the parade with her academic team, and afterwards the kids rode the tiny roller coaster and the Scrambler, one of my favorites but I’m too old for spinny rides now.

We got home just in time for OU/Tulsa kickoff (I fell asleep before the end, but it was pretty clear we would win) and generally shirked all responsibility for the day. Oh, that’s not true. First thing this morning I wrapped up a little editing work.

I guess we can’t shirk responsibility forever, and tomorrow will see the yard mowed and the kitchen cleaned and hopefully some writing done.

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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by backing up your blog, so I'll let Fal chime in on that aspect. But I know you can pull most/all of your posts (depending on how many you have of course) with WLW. It will allow you to view and edit them, but I'm not sure about using it as a tool to back up a blog.

    Hopefully Fal has better information than that. Mostly, WLW is for creating and editing blog posts. But I'm glad you got it installed and working. Victory! :)

  2. Maybe I don't mean "back up" when I say "back up." I want to d/l all my blog posts w/comments to my computer. Is that possible? Fal? Maybe I need another tool to do that.

  3. Okay, I'm certain that's not what WLW is designed to do. You might be able to accomplish the task that way, but it's not going to pretty. Or safe.

    Here's something that might help you with this:

    Backing Up a Wordpress Blog Database

    This should cover EVERYthing ... posts, comments, links. All of it. :)


  4. Woo for getting WLW to work! And how fun for your baby girl to be in the parade. :) I bet she had a lot of fun!

    As far as d/l all your posts to your computer - hmm. I don't know of any way you can do that through WLW. It does keep a copy (in your 'my documents' folder somewhere) of your posts and drafts, but it will only open them IN WLW, and won't have the comments. And only the stuff you've posted since installing WLW, not your old stuff.

    I have, in the past but not in a long time, simply c/p my posts once they're up, to my iDailyDiary. I created a separate tab in that program called 'blogs', appropriately enough, ha. But that is a slow, tedious process. It will store them on your comp though.

    Probably the best way to actually back up your blog is to create a new WP blog, mark it private, and import everything over. That's the least painful way I can think of.

    If you find anything else, let me know! I've been thinking of doing the same thing. :)

  5. Yay for you for shirking responsibility for the day. Too many times we get a case the "I have to's" and work on completing our never-ending list of things to do. It was cool for me this weekend because I was kinda stranded at a hotel without the Squish so I had hours and hours of free time to do whatever I wanted. I read two books, watched mindless football, and hung out at the (empty) pool catching some rays. Oh yeah, I also hung out with some pretty cool writers :)

    The only thing that's bad about shirking responsibility is that the next day there's twice as much to do. I have Mt. Washmore sitting on the floor of my bedroom - all the dirty clothes from this week and the weekend piled up just waiting to topple over and bury me. That doesn't even include Squish's stuff *sigh*.

  6. I'm a big fan of shirking!

    Just caught up - sounds like things are coming along with the writing.


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