Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Monday, September 14, 2009

This day has an adversarial feel. I don't mind arguing with people, but I'd rather not. Unfortunately, if my hunch is right, I won't have any choice about it. It might just be the lingering feeling of a dream I had. Can't remember exactly what it was about.

My dreams the past few days have included a lot of elements from this game I'm playing--Metroid Prime. Super Metroid was my favorite a long, long time ago, back before I had babies and still had time to play video games. I love how it has action, but it's not all action, you also have to figure out puzzles with clues from made-up lore in the ruins of a civilization. Right up my alley. In Super Metroid all those years ago, I remember playing the whole game with this character in a space suit, then after I won, Samus took off the helmet and...Samus was a girl. What? A girl? AWESOME! That's right, girls play games, too. Girls like to kick butt. But at the time it really shook things up. Now, of course, it's no secret Samus is a girl. The game is awesome, even if Samus were a boy, but it's even awesomer to have a girl character to identify with. It makes me think I could walk through lava if I only had Varia suit. I could blast strange creatures on another planet, if I just had an arm cannon.

I'm actually playing the game too much. My eyes can't take that 1st person, 3D view for very long. Especially since most of my work is done on computer, so there's another 8 hours a day of looking at a screen. When I first took this editing job, I wasn't sure how it would affect my own writing. I figured it would be a good distraction, as well as teaching me more about the business side of publishing. I worried that I might edit instead of writing my own stuff, but then I found it beneficial to have some other things to rotate through. But true to form, I've let the editing completely take over my own writing, and my good-eye time. I'm a serial obsesser, but I am learning how to calm the obsession. The editing job has been good for me.

Yesterday was the Little Bubba's birthday, so we had the family over for a party. It rained literally all weekend, in fact is still raining, but it didn't affect the party at all. One nice surprise was my step-son coming for the party. His birthday was on Saturday (20 years old, yikes!), but he rarely visits even for birthdays, so it was nice having him. I hope he starts visiting more often.

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  1. You might look into investing in an eReader or (hate to say it) a Kindle or some other device that has an electronic paper screen. I hear they're much easier on the eyes. You might find editing easier with that.

  2. You might look at getting some computer screen glasses. They're pretty cheap, they're a big help with glare and eyestrain, and you can get 'em online. That might help.

    Happy b-day to bubba.

  3. An adversarial feel? Did that come true?

    Happy Birthday to the 8 y/o. :) And how nice your step-son came for a visit. That sounds like a nice bonus.

    Have you heard of those glasses with the little holes in them? They might help, too. Darc's been using them for a while now and he doesn't seem to suffer as many headaches.

  4. But those don't have editing capabilities on the device, do they?

  5. I couldn't find any online except for the expensive ones. Could they be called something else?

  6. I have indeed heard of those pinhole glasses, but I didn't realize they still made them. I'll check those out now.

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    Maybe this will help?


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