Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well, I feel much better today. When I was still working full time several years back I'd get headaches every evening that I recognize now as low-level migraines. I think the cause is a combination of stress, fragrance, and general sinus problems. I can handle one of those things at a time, but not all three. I've recently realized I clench my teeth all the time, so I'll probably get a mouth guard thingy at Wal-Mart to at least prevent it while I sleep. I really need to learn how to relax. My body tells me how to treat her, if I'll just heed her advice, and right now she's saying I need to have more fun. Hard to do without money, but my heart is open to opportunity.

One opportunity is the Red Dirt Book Festival, happening next weekend right over there, in the next town. As a wannabe writer I usually approach events like this as work so I put a lot of vague pressure on myself, which is silly because I don't have a book to sell. This time I'll go with no expectations. If I feel like leaving after ten minutes I will. If I feel like talking to people I will. My goal will be to have fun and only that.

I have a lot of housekeeping that needs to be done since I was sick, plus I have a lot of writing to do, and I have to pay bills and go to the store...I can feel my jaw start to clench just thinking about it. When I worry about everything I need to do, it gets done...but when I don't worry, it still gets done. My body is telling me to choose the second option today.

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  1. So listen to the bod, and be good to yourself. All the worrying, in my experience, doesn't get another minute in the day or another dollar in the bank account.

    If it did, I'd be filthy, stinking rich. But then I wouldn't have to worry anymore and I'd go broke pretty fast.

    Hm. Something new to worry about.


  2. "when I don't worry, it still gets done". Love that. I think we internalize the concern that if we stop fretting, we'll stop alltogether, but of course we don't. We just flow instead of push.

  3. Be good to you. You deserve it. I love the saying that worry is like a rocking chair - it gives you something to do but doesn't get you very far.

    A long bath, a cool drink, and lots of ahhhhhhs. Just the ticket. :)

  4. Perhaps if you consider your tension reactions and ask why certain things make you get tense it would help. You can talk yourself down from some reactions by asking yourself why you have a certain reactoin, then ask yourself why you got that answer, and then ask why to that answer...eventually you get to the real root of the issue.

    Hope you are feeling 100%.

    (Also, although I don't do them any longer because of getting out of the habit, breathing exercises can help you relax.)

  5. That's a good exercise to do, the asking why. It helps to write the answers down, but I'm too afraid someone will read it. I might try doing the exercise, then shredding what I wrote. Something to think about, thank you.


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