Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween, everybody. The kids saved me a lot of money by choosing their costumes from the large stockpile of older costumes we have in the house, rather than crying till I bought them new ones. A little of the money we saved went toward accessories, like ultra-long purple eyelashes for my older daughter. The zombie makeup we bought didn't do very well on our trial run, so I'll go pick up some more today.

I'm so happy Halloween is here. It used to be my favorite holiday because of my dramatic flair, but that was run out of me a long time ago. Now I love it because it's the end of my craziest, poorest, busiest time of year--school expenses (fundraisers, pictures, clothes, supplies, etc), five family birthdays, and Halloween costumes. It seems pretty silly that the Christmas season seems relaxing in comparison, but that's how it is. Especially this year, because I hit the reset button last Christmas and it unwound me. I can look forward with open eyes instead of squinty, fearful ones. Thinking about making Thanksgiving my main family holiday, and downplaying Christmas.

But that is a concern for a future date. For now it is only Halloween and I shall enjoy it. Though my hips are screaming at me for a looooong walk I took yesterday, I will gamely hobble around town and encourage my children to beg candy from strangers. Hope y'all have fun, too.

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  1. I so understand why you'd want to end that difficult and expensive times. Happy Halloween to you too.~~Dee

  2. Ooh, I want some extra long purple eyelashes! Sparkly ones!

    Have a great hobble hon, I hope your hips won't make you suffer any more.

    Happy Halloween to you and the kids. :)

  3. Happy Hobbleween, darlin'!

    We had one o' those ourselves. :)

    Gettin' old's a bear, ain't it? ;)

  4. Hey Dee, good to see you again!

    Fal, these eyelashes are beautiful and sparkly!

    Hobbleween, indeed, Knyt! That's funny.

  5. I always wake up happy and relieved on November 1st. Much as I love October, I'm always glad to have Halloween over.

  6. I have never understood people getting all stressed out over the holidays, but it seems almost universal.

    I love the interruption of the normal routine, and a house is so much warmer and more fun when it's filled with family, friends, and a good meal.

    I adore holidays.

    Glad to hear you had a happy Halloween.

  7. Halloween isn't my favorite, but I always enjoy it. Besides, it means Christmas is that much closer.

  8. Sarah, me too. Sigh.

    Brightened, welcome! I see from your blog you're in college. When I was in college I also loved every opportunity to have a party, but as my responsibilities have increased over the years with children and jobs and such, it seems like holidays are just one more thing to suck the life out of me. I hope you never reach this level of life fatigue. :)

    Secret agent, that's one reason I don't like Halloween. I pretty much loath Christmas, and now it's just one holiday away.


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