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Daylight savings time has ended, and I feel better for it even though it feels like I'm behind because of the time change. It's sad, though, that the end of daylight savings signals the end of summer fun. We don't need an extra hour of daylight in the bleakness of winter evenings (chah, right!). Now is the time when we hunker down in our caves and wear thick socks in the house--and still our toes are cold--and fifty-degree days seem like a little piece of Heaven come to Earth. (This is Migraine Season for me, because with all those people inside and little ventilation, it's like swimming in a fragrance stew. I don't know why people have to wear perfume to school functions, especially when we're all packed in like sardines. It's not a fancy night out on the town, it's "Here Comes Santa Claus" forgodsake. Anyway, that is something upon which I shall not dwell, so let us change the subject, yes?)

Lots of you are doing NaNoWriMo, which I like to think of as NaNoNoMo. I have to maintain this level of don'wanna, lest I be sucked in or feel left out. I wish you guys all the luck in the world, truly, and I hope you win and publish the resulting novel and make a million dollars. Truly. Good luck.

Instead of NaNoNoMo, I will be finishing my seemingly interminable WIP, as well as editing a new project for Eternal Press. I will have to shut down my Facebook cafe and let the farm go to seed (and if you play any of those Zynga games you'll know exactly what I mean) for the month of November. So really, I will probably be doing the same word count as I would if I participated in NaNo, only without the distractions, i.e. cameraderie and tangible goals. Well, that's not exactly true. My goal is to finish WIP by Christmas, and I have only a month to edit the assignment, pretty tangible.

Sometimes I get depressed this time of year, as do many of you, but this year I'm taking steps to sidestep depression. I'll be taking lots of vitamin D, making time for fun stuff, talk to friends whenever I feel isolated. Hit my first speedbump this morning, though: the van may have finally died, which means DH will be taking the car to work, which means I'll have no way of getting out of the house during the day, when I need to most. God, I'm depressed already. Where's that damn vitamin D?

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  1. Vitamin D, huh? Yeah, I'm more of a Bailey's Irish Creme guy myself when depressed. Or a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

    I want sooo bad to set a goal for finishing my WIP, but I just don't have the guts. I've had a year to do it and haven't, why would setting a goal now make a difference? And then there's the guilt of "I should be doing ..." which always sets in.

    *Sigh* I guess I'm depressed too. Thanks. THANKS A LOT. ;)

  2. NaNoNoMo - oh you're killing me! That's funny!

    I'm sorry to hear about the van though, and sorrier to hear that you're starting to get depressed. That crazy daylight thing. Keeping the D on hand and taking it regularly is a good idea though - maybe you can head off depression at the pass.


  3. I LOVE deadlines because they provide structure to an otherwise free-form process, but I nearly always try to make it my own deadline, not someone else's. For instance, My current goal is to submit the piece I'm working on, along with a personal bio, to the writing fellowship program by November 20th. The deadline is December 1st but there's no way I'll get any real work done during Thanksgiving week, with hubbie on a employer-imposed furlough that week and my daughter home from college. I'm sorry too, to hear about the van. Hopefully some other means of escape will show up!

  4. Bummer about the van! Hope you find new mobility options soon!

    Lol @ "nanonomo" perfect! I am not I n any creative position to do that kinda machoistic task this year, so I'm contenting myself with a smaller goal: a short story of 100 words a day by the end of the day Nov. 30th. Sounds doable, no?

  5. Rachel, yeah, that sounds like an excellent idea. I too am in no mood for pressure right now. Kills my creativity.

    Sarah, I'm not good with setting my own deadlines. For peak performance, I need to have somebody's approval on the line. Don't want to disappoint others, guess I don't mind disappointing myself. lol

    Yeah, Fal, not depressed yet, not for real. I'm actually feeling pretty good right now, positive and energetic, so maybe I can ride that wave and surf over the holidays this year. ;)

    Knyt, break out the Bailey's!

  6. Vitamin D good. Just stopping by to say "hi". Good lick with your WIP.


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