Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Friday, November 20, 2009

I have a little fragrance hangover. Yesterday was my daughter's Thanksgiving lunch at school, and I actually did quite well. Felt fine (as fine as I ever do) while I was there and into the evening. The eyesight started to get a little iffy around nine, and I went to bed soon after. Woke up this morning with bad eyes, but let me tell you, I am grateful for these bad eyes. You know why? Because last year at this time I was just starting The Time of the Migraine, a good two months in which I had constant blurry vision and any whiff of fragrance brought forth the headache. And the year before that, I had bronchitis or pneumonia or something along with a bad back but was unable to go to the doctor, so both lasted for months. I can handle a little fragrance hangover.

This fragrance thing is actually getting more manageable. I think I'm healing, as the reactions for the past several months haven't been as strong. Trips to the store are less taxing. I can think while at a school function. It's tempting to start letting my guard down, but I know this is a slow process. I have to let my body heal.

Finally seeing the end of this editing project. It's the first novel I've edited, been editing shorts, so it seemed to go forever. I'm at the point now where I know what it's like to be an editor, and I need to balance it against my own writing. Do I like editing enough to put my book on hold for three weeks? Not sure about that. I'd planned to get BVA done by Christmas, something I could have done if my editing assignment had been another short. I had no idea how much time a novel would take.

Gotta get bananas for Maggie's class . Thanks for everybody's good wishes about her arm, it's not bothering her too much, with the brace.

So...that's me today. What's up with you?

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  1. Nothin'. Same ol', same ol', but then, when is anything EVER different for me? :)

    (I like my boring routine. Exciting gives me heartburn.)

  2. Editing is an entirely different skill set from writing, isn't it? I'm glad to hear your health issues seem to be improving. I know what you mean about being grateful. Fingers crossed for you that the fragrance issues continue to improve.

  3. Sounds like you're finally getting control of a lot of the things you wanted to get control of. Bravo for you!

    As for me and my day, meh. Can't really complain.

    Okay, well I could. ;)

  4. Every time a co-worker or customer reeks of perfume, I think of you. I have a borderline perfume allergy and I freaking HATE it when people soak themselves in it, especially if I have to work with them all day.

  5. @Yellowcat--Do you get woozy when you're around it? Cranky(er)? Do you tell them to lay off? It's thought that people develop these chemical sensitivities through exposure, and I know from my own experience that a person might go years just feeling bad and not knowing why. Feel free to use me as an example if you're looking for a polite way to tell them.

    @Fal--Complain away!

    @Wyrdd--Editing someone else's work is different from writing and also different from editing my own work. Editing someone else's work seems to be limited only by the strength of my eyes on a given day, whereas my creative center gives out a lot faster.

    @Knyt--EVERYthing gives me heartburn. A holdover from my last pregnancy. But I like my boring old routine, too.


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