Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nothing seems right. I'm restless. Anxious.

Spots of news:

  • I painted the soffit above my kitchen cabinets, finally. When we moved into this house there was terrible (TERRIBLE) 80s wallpaper, red and yellow plaid with touches of green, overlaid with an ornate fruit border. I figured bare walls were better than that wallpaper, and I was right. A while back I'd painted the backsplash a nice, bright blue, but the soffits were bare for about three years. Now it's light coffee, a very nice neutral I found for $5 on the oopsie table at Lowe's. I guess in a few more years I'll get around to changing the green, red and yellow indoor-outdoor carpet. It's ridiculous.

  • On a related note, for your next painting project, you simply must use the low- or no-odor paint. I think they've changed the regulations for new paint so that it has to be low-odor, so that means get rid of your old, stinky stuff.

  • My plan for the summer had been to read a lot and let my creative batteries charge, after the long, slow drain of BVA. Being a bit impoverished, I snatch up all the bargain books I can find (with apologies to the authors, but I wouldn't be reading their books at all if I'd had to pay full price). I recently found a treasure trove at Big Lots, and picked up a few big names. The first I read was fellow Oklahoman Marcia Preston's Trudy's Promise. She writes with such beautiful, heartfelt simplicity. Now I'm working through Kate Mosse's Sepulchre, quite a different style from Marcia. Sepulchre took a while to hook me, because I thought it would beat me to death with the "was"es and the "were"s. Once I got used to her style, though, I've enjoyed it.

So what's been going on in your world?

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  1. The Google Reader previewed enough of that post to give me the gist of it. Those aren't the kinds of things I like to read about on blogs so I didn't bother to press the issue.

    As somebody who has grown up in the construction industry, I've smelled pretty much every smell there is from construction sites. Fresh house paint is the best of all construction smells.

    This one time, I had a summer job in the wood finishing department of a kitchen cabinet manufacturer. I spent a day working in and out of the spray booth without a mask. We were painting high gloss colours that day.
    I spent parts of that night walking around town laughing and giggling.

  2. For me, it's instant dizziness (and not the good kind) and a migraine later. The low-odor wasn't too bad, though it did leave me exhausted the next day. I can't smell it at all since it dried, though, so it's fine.

  3. This is reminiscent of your "Thoughts from the Treadmill" posts of not long ago. I like it. :)

    News, news ... well, none of it's good here, so I'll leave it at that. I envy WIGSF his job in the finishing department of a cabinet manufacturer, though. How cool would THAT be?

    Let's see ... hm. Nothing else to say, I guess. Hope you had a good weekend and a nice 4th. :)

  4. Maybe that would be a good change for you, Knyt. Start looking around for furniture refinishing jobs.

  5. Any chance of a picture of that soffit? You're always such a hard worker around the house. :)

    Sorry you're feeling anxious. Maybe the culmination of some things that have been happening the past few weeks. I hope it clears up soon hon.


  6. I felt lots of free-floating anxiety in the first few months after finishing a novel too. Regardless of the outcome, (because I don't think the anxiety is about what will happen next, necessarily, but what you went through to write it), I predict that things will come back into balance with time.

  7. I might take a picture, but my camera doesn't like indoors. Stay tuned... :)

  8. I think reading all these books is helping restore balance.

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