Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Monday, July 12, 2010

Somebody just spam-commented every single post on my blog. And though the format makes it obvious it's the same spammer, it appears each IP address is unique, though I didn't check all 300 of 'em, obviously. That's crazy. Crazy spammers. That's the biggest reason to love Wordpress, their excellent spam filter. All I had to do was hit a button and they were all gone. But if I continue to get that much spam, I won't be able to check it for false positives like I have been. They are few and far between, but occasionally one slips through. So if your comment doesn't show up, holla and I'll go check the spam. I promise I haven't moderated you. I've only ever deleted angry and/or crazy comments, and that totals about four.

I don't know what in the hell happened to me, but I woke up early this morning, like five o'clock, when the hubs got up for work. I usually sleep right through his morning routine, but not today. It may be that my aching bones made it hard to get comfortable. I'm so old.

My mom turned 59 last week, and my dad will be 60 in August. My in-laws are in their late-60s. My step-daughter is married with a baby, and all my cousins' kids are grown up with mates and kids of their own. Makes me wonder where the time went. Have I done everything I was supposed to do? I know I have many years left, but I used to believe I had greatness in me. It turns out I'm just a regular gal after all. Even if I do something great, I've established my regularness.

It's pretty nice, actually, knowing I'm regular. Back when I thought I had a special purpose in this world I felt a lot of pressure. Now if I accomplish any kind of greatness, it's all gravy.

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  1. Honey, I hate to break it to you, even if the frequency is regular, if it's coming out like gravy, then you've got some digestive issues. Maybe you should see a doctor or something.

  2. You know, I'm sort of having the same existential crisis. I always believed something special was in store for me, that somehow I'd be extraordinary. Maybe it was all ego for me, but I'm (only now!) starting to realize this probably isn't true, isn't going to happen, and if I can embrace that, I'll be a lot happier.

    Now, how to embrace that? Not being very special as a person isn't exactly an aspiration for most of us. But I imagine with hard work and prayer I can figure it out. ;)

    Hope you had a good weekend. :D

  3. Every single post? Holy cow! How in the world did they do that?!?

    I don't know that it's that you have no greatness in you, because I think you do. Perhaps it's more that you no longer expect it by a certain time, and are more content in the meantime.

    Aching bones? Sheesh, you're not even 40! Quit whining! ;) I'm older than you, I have the whine rights here! LOL

    Seriously, I hope you feel better soon. Tylenol helps. :)

  4. I think being a regular person is a pretty good aspiration, now that I've thought about it for a while. A life of touching the people around you with sparks of greatness here and there sounds perfect.


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