Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's up, my peeps? I don't have anything to say today, but has that ever stopped me? Well yeah, sometimes. Not today! Aren't you glad? *snicker*

So there's this hurricane rain coming up from Texas. All around us, creeks and rivers are overflowing their banks, flooding populated areas. However, I think they closed the invisible dome over my city again, because we've fallen into the same pattern as last summer: rain dissipates as it approaches Tecumseh and re-forms on  the other side, or else we watch the rain curl around us on the radar while we enjoy white puffies and peeks of blue. I see the dark clouds on the horizon in all directions, but they stay on the horizon. I don't want the flooding, but the anticipation of rain with no release is putting me on edge. Open the dome, people!

Still not writing, and I'm okay with that. The ol' batteries are about half-way charged, so I'm on track to be ready to go when the kids return to school in a month and a half. The pull is getting stronger. When my agent sent me line edits on the rewrite of my synopsis, I was ecstatic to actually have something legitimate to do. I love the process, I love having a job to do. Working for someone else has priority for some reason, as when I was editing for Eternal Press. I'd spend hours on it, take pride in turning it in early. When my own manuscript was nearing completion, I worked toward the day I could turn it in to my agent, and somehow it made it more urgent than when I was writing for myself. I know for a fact when I have an editor waiting for my edits, or for a whole new manuscript, I'll be working twice as hard as I do for myself. I'll close the dome over myself and let the distractions glance off.

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  1. Our bud Raga got socked, but said she made it through all right. No floating away or anything.

    Good for you for enjoying the writing break, too! :) I hope something happens soon and quick with BVA, but I'm also looking forward to number three. :)

  2. Well guess's raining now! Woo!

  3. Do you have some ideas churning around to start writing when the kids get back in school? I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. :)

    And yay for rain! We've been getting a lot here, and some of the storms have been amazing. Of course, it's never fun to flood, so I hope the rain stays in bounds for you too. :) It must seem like such a relief to have some finally, after watching so many storms go past.

  4. Man, have we ever been getting the rain this spring and summer. Glad you're gearing up to get writing again. I can hardly wait until you get published and famous.

  5. I have some ideas swirling, but nothing solid enough to verbalize. Today my daughter suggested I finish a children's adventure book we started together a few years ago. I think I probably will start on that before too long.

  6. Me too! Well, I could do without the famous part. lol


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