Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I know we don't get as much snow as some places, but come on. Misery is misery. It's eight degrees with snow like tiny ice pellets. Winds 30-40 mph, pelting any foolishly exposed skin raw within seconds. I don't even know what the wind chill factor is, but it's definitely well below zero. As the leading edge of the snow passed through last night, we had thunder and lightning because a severe storm from the south collided with a snow storm from the north. Apparently the Gulf of Mexico and Canada are having a turf war right on top of us.

The snow doesn't look that deep, but that's because the land's been scoured. The drifts are waist-high.

As crappy as it is here, I know it's going to be worse as the system travels toward New England. Y'all stay safe.

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  1. So... where's this global warming thing that's apparently coming?

  2. The term "global warming" refers to the average global temperature rising. Doesn't mean you'll feel warmer. Just a couple degrees rise can cause widespread climate change, which is what we're seeing now. The million dollar question is whether Man is causing it, or if it's a normal geological pattern.


  3. Oh, and you can have your weather back. :)

  4. It IS misery! And think about trying to deal with either snow or cold like that on a regular basis for several months at a time, year in and year out. Have a little pity and sympathy on us! LOL

    Hope you guys are safe and cozy down there and that it's nothing like the ice storms you had a couple years ago, sheesh those were bad. *hugs*

  5. Actually, I'm surprised we didn't get more ice. We didn't have an ice storm this season (I probably just jinxed us) and we usually have at least one bad one.

    Nothing but sympathy for you, Fal. I hope the storm hasn't put too much of a crimp in your lifestyle.

  6. Lifestyle - hahahaha! :) Housebound 24/7, no lifestyle here! LOL


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