Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Monday, February 28, 2011

It was a beautiful weekend here in Blossomland. Perfect church-going weather. That’s right, CHURCH. My brother Wopsle, in a move to be closer to home, took a job as youth pastor at Westmoore Community Church, and I went to check out his new digs and have lunch with the family. (Not linking because I don’t want to embarrass him, but you can google it.)

It’s the coolest church I’ve ever been to, with its sneaker dress code and live rock band. One of their worship songs is “Ordinary World” by Duran Duran, tweaked just a little to make it relevant. So, yeah. It’s a cool church. Wopsle will fit in well there.

And I’d love to be a part of that community, except I’m more of a Buddhist than a Christian, viewing Jesus as a great and enlightened teacher rather than a solitary savior of mankind. So I don’t know how genuine it would be of me to go to church and have no interest in the doctrine, even though I have no doubt they would accept me.

After church we went to Mazzio’s, Wopsle and his wife, my mom and her passel, and me. I’m so excited that my brother will be a regular part of my life again.

I’ll end with a shout-out to my SIL Amy, even though she probably won’t see it. Happy birthday, Amy!

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  1. What's great to me about church is being a part of a community. All the stats say it's a healthy thing to get out, do something regularly with a large group of people, build relationships etc.

    BTW How did your brother get the name 'Wopsle?'
    I'm sure he appreciated your support.

    You reminded me to how great that song is. Now I'm going to have to download it.

  2. Now hold on a minute, you've made fun of me for liking Duran Duran!

    Wopsle is a nickname Michael picked up in HS, and a few years ago he legally changed his name to Michael Wopsle. Everybody calls him just Wopsle.

    The community is what I crave, but don't you agree that in a church is a community predicated on at least similar beliefs? I wouldn't have a problem agreeing to disagree, and I might go and try it out for a while. They are apparently a very accepting group.

  3. Everyone calls him Wopsle except Mom! If I had wanted him to be called Wopsle, I would have named him Wopsle! LOL

  4. He got a mention on the pastor's blog. :)

    I'm happy or him that he found a job where he wanted to be. That's pretty fortunate these days. :)

  5. I agree, Fal. He's really good at being a youth pastor. I think he was born for it.


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