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This meme has been going around Facebook, so I finally succumbed to the pressure of multiple tags. I thought I'd copy it here on my hub blog. (Darcknyt, my response to your award is next in the queue!)

On with the meme:
1. I'm old enough to have to count back to remember my age. (In case you young people are wondering, that started around age 34.)

2. I had my cancerous thyroid removed in 2003. I miss it and secretly hope it grows back. I also worry about the end of civilization because where would I get my replacement hormone? I can make soap from ash and lard, skin a rabbit, and build a shelter, but I can't make those little pills that keep me alive.

3. I'm insecure in professional situations, because I say things like "Wow, I just had deja vu" with no warning.

4. I feel WAY skinnier than I am.

5. I love watching decorating shows, but my walls are off-white, I have literally 3 pictures through the entire house, and my furniture came from garage sales and Salvation Army.

6. I hate marijuana. I hate the smell, sight, thought of it. (Haven't seen it in a long while, but I smelled it last week, and every week, at the grocery store.) It makes me sick to my stomach. I'd rather watch somebody shoot heroin than smoke a doobie. My reaction to pot borders on PTSD. That said, I am for legalization. It makes logic sense to me, if I can set my emotional sense aside. I just threw up a little in my mouth, saying that.

7. I walk on the treadmill in shorts and a sports bra. My kids love it because they have 45 minutes of free access to my belly fat.

8. Most days, my biggest excitement is having a successful BM. Woo!

9. Some days, though, I get mail, and that is pretty exciting.

10. A small number of days involves correspondence with my agent, which is like a shot in the arm.

11. My 16yo step-daughter thinks it's funny how I know the words to every song that comes on the radio, especially when it's a "young" group.

12. Yesterday I came down from my office to find a horse tied to a tree in my yard. I patted it on the nose, went inside, and it was gone a couple of hours later. Never saw the owner.

13. I believe you can do anything you want, but not all at once, and not all successfully.

14. Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy adequate healthcare and good food and a nice place to live and a reliable vehicle.

15. As I was typing the above, this Twitter notification appeared on my screen from the Dalai Lama @OHHDL: 'Quote of the day: "Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions." ~His Holiness, the Dalai Lama'

16. I hate school fundraisers with a passion. They reward children who have large networks and/or plenty of money, and the poor kids are penalized AGAIN.

17. I'm excited at the possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon.

18. I love to watch Spongebob Squarepants over and over.

19. When I'm around outsiders I often feel/seem stupid and slow because of my reaction to common household fragrances.

20. I think a lot of "mystery illnesses" like fibromyalgia, autism, and depression are caused by chemicals in our environment and food.

21. I need to shave my legs.

22. I knew 25 things was too many.

23. One of these days I hope to be "off the grid," i.e. completely self-reliant for power, water, food.

24. I have a hard time reconciling my love for technology and the horrible things we've allowed to happen to the environment in our pursuit of it. I could say the same thing about money.

25. I have probably 400-500 books in my house and in storage, and I still have nothing to read.

I hope you all are still awake! I'm sure I've forgotten things that might have been more interesting, but I'm hitting publish anyway. Not tagging anybody because I think all my friends have already done this one!

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  1. Great answers! But you should go shave your legs. :)

  2. "I had my cancerous thyroid removed in 2003. I miss it and secretly hope it grows back. I also worry about the end of civilization because where would I get my replacement hormone?"

    You know, that's the thing that I keep worrying about for when I get the bariatric surgery. Sure, I'll improve my health and live longer if I lose the poundage that's slowly crippling and killing me; but if WW3 stops the production of the mineral and vitamin supplements I'll need, I will die of malnutrition.

    Odd how we worry about some remote possibilities. Does it mask our real worries, I wonder?

  3. Oh, and on the leg shaving, you should be jealous of me. A quarter native american and no leg or pit hair to shave. Hah. I

  4. Oh, and I have to ask, is there such a thing as an unsuccessful BM? Just wondering... ;)

  5. I love me some Spongebob. He's awesome.

  6. Wyrdd, you crack me up. LOL Perhaps I should have said "successful ATTEMPT at a BM." I've had plenty of UNsuccessful attempts. ;-)

  7. Wow. So much to say. So little time.

    1. At least you aren't so old that you have to use carbon dating techniques to determine your age.
    2. Maybe take a night school course in biochemistry or something.
    3. I once brought up codpieces during a meeting. That was awkward.
    4. Maybe all the mirrors in your home are warped and make you look fatter than you really are.
    5. Best way to decorate a home is through inexpensive objet du arte.
    6. Legalize it, tax the heck out of it, and sti back and wonder why nothing ever gets done.
    7. For what purpose do your children use said belly fat.
    8. Not enough people appreciate the magic and wonder that is a BM.
    9. You mean mail other than ads for the same ol' fitness club and "SELL YOUR HOUSE!"
    10. I got nothing on this one.
    11. I don't even know all the words to my favourite songs. And I listen to them a lot. I'm just really bad with lyrics.
    12. I once woke up to find a rented goat tied to the tree in my front yard.
    13. Tried flying once, the ground is harder than it looks.
    14. Money can't buy happiness, but lack of money causes sadness.
    15. Still have never used Twitter.
    16. School fundraisers!!! So, where did all my tax dollars go?
    17. It's raining today and it's February. Where's the snow?
    18. Spongebob is truly a special program.
    19. Every house has it's own aroma. Just takes a getting used to.
    20. I disagree. I think some things are inexplicable and are best left that way. But a cure would sure be nice.
    21. Yes you do.
    22. You're telling me.
    23. Saw some show last night talking about backyard bomb shelters. They're like three million bucks. Good luck with that.
    24. You've been brainwashed into thinking that we, as a species, should not be altering our environment. In which case, you got a problem with technology? Go live in a tree with the monkeys.
    25. I've got around 1000 CDs and I spend too much time staring at them trying to decide what to listen to while I was the dishes.

  8. I'd LOVE to live in a tree with a monkey.

  9. God, this is so funny, Sherri! You're right, we do have a lot in common to be from such different backgrounds and locations. And thanks for the award you sweet lady!

  10. Wyrdd beat me to the punch line this time - dang, I have to stop being so slow!

    And the monkey who lives in that tree? His name is who-flung-poo and I'm not sure you'd want to live with him. However, if it ties into #8 ...

    I'm leaving now.


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