Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things I'm thinking about today:

  • American Idol. I love, love, love Kara dioGuardia (the new judge). A lot of my favorite contestants got kicked off last night- Rose, Osmond, Girl w/Pink Hair-and a bunch I didn't like are gone as well-Bikini Girl is the only one I can remember right now. Good ones who stayed are Norman Gentle, Guy w/Cool Sideswept Black Hair. Bad ones who stayed: Tatiana "Obnoxious Girl".

  • Busy life. I've become a lot busier lately. Been going to the doctor, getting car repairs done, picking up kids from school functions, writing more. I'm glad. I was bored.

  • Dumping people. In my last post I was talking about letting the toxic people go, either by chance or by design, but I realized this morning that calling them "toxic" was dismissive and not entirely true. The word implies that there was something wrong with each person, or that I hated them, or that they'd done some injury to me. Really, those weren't the criteria for letting these people go. I had to assess my own reactions to each person's involvement, ask myself, "Do I feel off-balance when interacting with this person? Do interactions with this person cause me to act in a way that is out of line with what I want? Am I getting as much as I'm giving? Have I been honest with myself in previous assessments of this relationship?" You see it really had nothing to do with the people themselves, but with my needs at the moment. I realize that sounds really selfish, but as a person who automatically neglects her own needs, even for complete strangers, you might forgive me. They aren't bad people, and I miss them. FWIW, since I made the decision to assess my relationships with brutal honesty, I've felt more stable, more comfortable, more in touch with myself.

  • My doctor visit. Going in for a follow-up on the sinus thing. Got a better dose of thyroid hormone a few days ago, and I already feel better in that regard. I <3 thyroid hormone. You do too, you just don't know it.

  • 5 Essential FireFox Plug-ins (oops, broke my rule about linking while walking.)

And that's it. Sorry I rambled. These "Thoughts from the Treadmill" posts always make me nervous, because I never edit. What if I said something that will make someone scream at me? *cowers, trembles, hits publish*

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  1. Thank you for that wonderful re-stating of "toxic." I did this recently too, and felt so much better- though it was really hard to do since it was a family member who I also miss at times. Still, the relief outweighs the saness, and the guilt.

  2. No editing?? My God, woman, are you ... are you MAD?? How can you not edit?? How????


    Thanks for the linky love too. :) Glad you're feeling better.

  3. Notes from the Treadmill, LOVE IT! And you absolutely CANNOT edit these posts, you know. Hey, I've been meaning to ask if you've tried a neti pot. It's like a little teapot for your sinuses - you put salt and warm water in it and it irrigates the sinus cavity. I have to admit it's a little weird and gross at first, but it sure is making my sinuses feel better. I don't think it would be a cure or anything, but it might help.

  4. Sometimes you just have to make the cut, despite how painful it seems. But plants always need pruning and dead-heading.

    I'm so glad your new meds seem to be working for you! That's a mega WOO!

  5. Sarah, breaking off from a family member really is the hardest. Especially since you'll probably have to do it more than once, since you will be connected by blood your whole lives. Then again, maybe later the relationship could work.

    Knyt, I know! I should be editing. But the quality much worse from what is usually on here?

    Angela, I have the equivalent of a neti pot, it's a squeeze bottle with the salt packets. I used it regularly for a long time, thinking it would start working, but it never really did. In fact, sometimes the water would get stuck in my sinus, and boy was that uncomfortable.

    Fal, yeah, I feel pretty good at the moment. :)


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