Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Sunday, March 15, 2009

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Friday we all took a day trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium. My camera didn't like the darkness, and my video camera didn't like the constant echoey background noise, but I got a few good pictures. That catfish up there in the first picture? My ten-year-old daughter christened him Mr. Kitty, and her whole body could have fit inside Mr. Kitty's space with plenty of room to spare. The creature in the bottom-center is called an Indian Mudskipper. He's a poster child for evolution. Wish I'd gotten a video of those fish in motion. Here's one that tells a little about them. The shark tunnel was the coolest. I do have some video of the sharks swimming over our heads, but it needs to be trimmed so I won't upload it today. Who am I kidding, if it's not today, it will be never.

I did pretty well, fragrance-wise. We got there early, so I didn't encounter many people at first, but as the afternoon went on more people showed up. Specifically, flowery, old-money ladies who'd have brought their pink poodles in if it were allowed. Those ladies smell worse than anyone, and soon I started to feel light-headed. Richard suggested I go lie down in the car while they watched the feedings. That was the only invitation to leave that I needed, so I went out and read Stephen King while they finished up.

The new car made it there and back with absolutely no problem, though a two-hour trip is about the longest I'd want to attempt. The car's just too small for comfort on a longer journey. But dangit, I'm not complaining. I still love the Saturn.

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip. Nice shots, too.

  2. I had to chuckle at the one of Abby with the jellyfish - it reminded me so much of that SpongeBob episode when all the jellyfish take over his little house and he has to play the music to make them leave. :)

    I'm glad you had a nice time, and great pics!

  3. Shark tunnels are cool but freak me out at the same time because at any given moment a tiny stress fracture in the tunnel could break while I'm in there causing a bizillion gallons of salt water, crusty critters, and omnivorous sharks to come washing over me.

    Paranoia? You bet. Glad you had fun!


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