Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Tuesday, March 3, 2009

  • I'm just going to start typing and see where I end up, 'kay?

  • I've been a lazy bum. No treadmill, no supplements, much junk food, very little writing. Buying a car and then driving said car on many shopping trips during PMS sucked my energy. I hope to get back on track (or at least the treadmill) tomorrow. But you know what? Walking just doesn't seem to change my body, never has. Maybe it's because I've always walked in my jobs, or chased kids all day, or whatever. I use those muscles already. When I get on the bike, now that is a workout. I could get a stationary bike, I guess, but I don't know if I could stay steady enough to read or type, and if I don't have those things I'd just quit after ten minutes anyway. I don't know.

  • The writing is becoming easier. Sometimes you wake up from a state you didn't even know you were in, and I'm not talking about Idaho. Sometimes you can look back and put a flavor on a previous segment of time, you can say that time in my life tasted like sad, dazed, frantic, joyful, etc. Well, looking back at the past year or so, I think my flavor was clenched. I was a big old bowl of grasping energy with milk, and I'm lactose intolerant. I don't know if I'm ready to totally unclench yet, that's the thing. I want to, but if I've learned anything about my personality it's that the more I fight for something, the more elusive it becomes. I feel like I'm relaxing my grip a little, and with relaxation comes ease, and with ease comes enjoyment, and with enjoyment comes ... well, for me with enjoyment comes guilt, but I'm working on that. I have to start somewhere. Somehow the point of the paragraph got lost, that when I think about writing now, I'm not paralyzed.

  • And for some reason, that makes me think of Twitter. I enjoy Twitter very much. It's a non-demanding way to have a conversation. If you want to follow me on Twitter, go here. I'm sort of stuck at 50 followers, which isn't a bad number, but I wouldn't mind some more.

  • Something has been thumping the outside of my house for a month, can't figure out what it is.

  • Today feels full of possibility.

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  1. That thumping outside your house? That's the ghosts of the native Americans buried under your yard, banging on your house, banging it like a war drum, trying to get in, to get through, to get you ...

    Just so you know.

  2. Know what's weird? Every day is full of possibility, it's just that half the time we don't see it. I struggle with that one all the time.

    Oh, the thumping is the creature living in your attic. ;)

  3. You can't type on a bicycle, Sherri. But, you can while walking on a treadmill if you walk very slowly, like 1/2 mile per hour. Just get 1" elastic, a staple gun and a stair tread from the hardware store and staple elastic loops to hold the thing on the arms of the treadmill. And there ya go.

    I just got called on the carpet for not excercising so I am going to reinitiate Operation Treadmill Websurf! (cue the inspiring music) It's exercise, right?

  4. Actually, Wyrdd, I already fixed me up a thingy whereby I can type while walking on the treadmill, thanks to you. You mentioned your thingy on your blog, before I even had a treadmill, but I remembered....


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