Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Friday, March 6, 2009

  • I hate making breakfast. Why should the only chore I truly dislike be the first thing I have to do in the morning? When the youngest is about 8 I think I'll never cook/pour breakfast again. They can get their own rackin-frackin cereal, and I shall never eat breakfast again. I truly resent the breakfast thing.

  • I hate my laptop. I try to keep a good attitude (at least I have a laptop, etc.) but it's so annoying with its myriad of problems. Here, let me list them:

    1. The battery is only good for about ten minutes, yet..

    2. ...the power jack is so loose that I must remain absolutely still in order to keep it plugged in, even when it's sitting on a table. Hard to do when you're typing. This is something I fixed before.

    3. The hinges are so loose the screen falls down at the slightest movement. Also something I've fixed, several times.

    4. The little eraser mouse thingy drifts, so I disabled it, however...

    5. ...the pad thingy is alternately completely unresponsive and extremely sensitive, so I end up selecting and clicking things I don't mean to.

    6. The damn thing is slow as hell.

    It's hard to concentrate on the  book when I'm obsessively checking to make sure everything is placed just so. And yes, I've checked settings and upgraded software and defragged and replaced parts, and I think it's just time to admit it's too old. It's an old damn laptop.

  • My tummy hurts.

  • Thinking about my dream last night. I was working for a rich family I don't know in real life. They had been hit by a tornado, but instead of tearing down the old, ruined house, they'd simply built a new one on the other side of the barn. They were all living happily in this new house, with all their new things, but occasionally sent the house manager over to the old house to retrieve things. This time it was a large, pink teddy bear.The two main things I felt during this dream were the self-centered nature of the family, and sadness and confusion when confronted by this old house, ruined and abandoned. I was sad, yet I knew it was best for this family to forget the old house. It had been useful and was no longer, and even in the dream I understood I should adopt this attitude as well.There was more, but I think this is a pretty clear answer to a question I posed to the Universe yesterday.

  • I'm extremely grateful for my loyal friends. That's you.

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  1. Sounds like a sad dream. What question did you pose the universe yesterday? I live in a different universe so I never heard it.

  2. That dream? Yeah, that's your guilt over saying such harsh thing about your laptop, which fits the house metaphor to a tee. And your laptop knows how you feel about it. Like a long-time spouse your laptop senses something's different between you, something's lost, broken in there. Something's dying that wasn't before and the laptop knows. It knows, and maybe it feels the same way, but it doesn't want to say just now. It's gonna wait to pull the trigger on YOU before you can pull it on IT.

    ... and who the hell you calling "friend"? You tryin'a start somethin'? HUH?

  3. What I've noticed is that I am starting to really hate the assumption that I'll do things like make breakfast.

    I don't mind half as much when I am asked nicely. Sometimes I even get a burst of mom-ness and do all her laundry and straighten up her room, especially during finals, but she's all into the privacy thing now so even that, not so much.

    But while little kids need their mom to make breakfast, that's certainly not true of a 17-year old. So I wait now, until I'm asked, and even then, I give myself permission to say no if I'm not up for it. I guess I'm outgrowing that aspect of motherhood, just as she is outgrowing being a kid.

    I know that doesn't help when your kids are still little! My kids started making their own breakfast on the weekends when they were old enough to not spill the milk, so around seven or eight.

  4. I hate anything that has to do with the kitchen. And mopping the floors. I hate that too.

    But I like sending you positive get a new computer energy.

  5. I'm grateful for you too.

    If I get that winning lotto ticket, I'll get you a new laptop - 2 in fact! :D


  6. Hang in there, sweet lady. My computer is about as bad as your laptop - not quite, but it's soooo slooowww sometimes. Sheesh.


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