Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last night I cleaned out all the notes I've accumulated over the couple of years of writing this book, including handwritten, typed and printed pages, note cards and scraps. The pile filled the gerbil's old 10-gallon tank. That's a lot of trash. I did keep some notes, the ones showing the link between thought and finished product. Those were about five pages.

I've been working on this book so long, some of my newish blog buds might think it's my first. There was another before BVA, a magical romp with a young lady on the run, forbidden love and fireballs. It was called Stolen Magic at first, and later changed to Ea's Gift to avoid duplicating another published novel. This is the effort that caught my agent's eye, even though it went nowhere and was eventually shelved.

Writing EG was fun and exciting. I thought every book would be that way. Hahaha, what a silly goose I am.

Writing BVA felt like slicing open my own gut, pulling out my intestines, measuring the entire slippery length, then hauling them back in and stitching the wound myself. I didn't realize till I finished that sentence how true it is. Now that it's finished I can see why it was so hard, but that will be a post for another day.

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  1. ... a magical romp with a young lady on the run, forbidden love and fireballs.

    No offense intended here, but that sounds like a description for a high budget pornographic film.

  2. Completely unintentional, I promise! lol

  3. It's not easy to toss those old notes and stuff, I would imagine.

    I'm dying to know though, why you believe it was so much harder this time. I have a couple of suspicions, but I'll wait to see what you say about it. :)

  4. I'd be a-feared to toss any of it. I keep stuff WAY after it's not necessary anymore, I guess.

    I'm with WIGSF, that DID sound like porn. Do more. Include details.

    I LOVE THIS THEME, dolly. HOME RUN on this one!

  5. Again, this one doesn't have nested comments. Arrgh. Also, it's red! Weird, for me. Nobody's ever said I was a red.

    As for the notes, they're still sitting over there in the tank. Most of them are just jotted nothings, and the printed mss take up a lot of the tank space. I'm not throwing away the important stuff. :)


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