Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I watched Avatar for the first time (the blue people one, not the last airbender one) with the family. Normally I don't let the kids watch PG-13, but this was a special occasion. My son in particular has been bugging me to get it from Netflix--in fact, he watched it again this morning, and will probably watch it again before it's gone--but I think we all ended up loving it just as much as he did. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually a good movie. I'd expected it to be a cookie-cutter special-effects blockbuster with a superficial "save the planet" message. What I found out, though, was a great story supported by heartfelt, emotional performances--with the added bonus of the OMG OUT OF THIS WORLD FANTASTIC special effects. Did I say OMG?

The Na'vi were so realistic that it gave me the hope that my work-no-longer-in-progress could someday be made into a believable movie. The last thing I'd want for a movie made out of my book is a bunch of people running around in lizard suits. Is that so much to ask?

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  1. Ah, Pocahontas in Space! I've not seen it, but that's what I heard about it.

    It is like Pocahontas, only they're not in space. :)

    Want interesting facts about CGI characters like the Na'vi?

    If the artists render the characters TOO realistically, there's a REVULSION which comes out in people. That's right, if the Na'vi were as perfectly drawn as they COULD be, the figures would elicit a revulsion response from viewers instead of the embracing they received.

    Cameron spent a chunk of his budget on finding that out, experimenting to determine where that fine line fell, so he'd have a movie with enough realism to get the story told and without that revulsion response from the audience.

    How cool's that, eh? :D

    Definitely cool.

    I did a movie review today too. We're back to being on the same blog page! :) Woo!

  2. OH, and the dark of this theme doesn't really seem to fit you. Just FYI. It's clean and sharp, but not so "you", if that makes sense.
    Well, shooty poop, I just realized it doesn't have nested comments. That might kill it for me.

    I lightened the post area because it started out as dark as the background. Instant eye pain! This theme meshes my enthusiasm with BVA's darkness, I think. I have to start thinking about that now that the book's going to editors. Did I already say it's done? lol

  3. You really need to see Dances with Smurfs

    I stopped watching South Park. That is what you're talking about, isn't it?

  4. Yes, South Park. It was very funny.

    Well if you say it's worth watching, I guess I better. :)

  5. I think CGI has made amazing advancements in the last few years - I have no doubt that Drina could be captured beatifully. :)

    I like the sky on this one, but it is a bit dark to me for you. I just mean, when I think of you, I don't think dark. :)

    I know, I'm a ray of sunshine. :) Did you notice the picture changes depending on the time of day?


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