Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Friday, June 18, 2010

You probably saw a new theme every time you visited in the past three days. I think I'm going to keep this one for a little while, see how I like the layout and what kind of tweaks I might need. It has no theme options available, and while I usually look for a theme with as many as possible, I spent a little time learning some more CSS last night. I love doing that stuff, when I take the time to do it. So actually, this theme not having options may be a good thing, as it's forcing me to learn how to tweak things myself. That way, if I decide to keep it I will already know how to change the graphics into something more Sherri-flavored.

I'd been toying with the possibility of having a static front page, but I didn't know what to put there. I like the way this one's laid out. Of course, when I start promoting a book I'll probably have to get a real website built based on that, but this will work for now.

So apparently this is a time to prepare my external persona for success. If you're on Facebook, I have an author profile that will go active if I get a publishing contract. I expect it to be the easiest place to do news updates and such, and an easy way for people to connect to me. Log in to your Facebook account, click this link:!/pages/Sherri-Cornelius/91241069662?ref=ts

and then click the "Like" button, and you'll be all signed up. If you "like" my author page it will show up in your friends' news streams, and that'll spread the word.  Some of you are already on there, and I thank you. Also thanks to those who gave me notes on this theme. (Talking 'bout Soho Serenity.)

Time to go eat lunch with the hubs.

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  1. I like this one. The basic color scheme fits you well. The tweaks you can apply will customize it fully.

    Where are you learning CSS? Got a book, or do you just use a website with tutorials, like

    Anyway, the last one was cool too. The only problem with this one I see is the width of the page vs. my screen. I don't know if it's still recommended as a guideline, but I've heard you should never make your page wider than 1024 rez; that way anyone will be able to see it unless they have a computer incapable of displaying that resolution (which no one does anymore).

    The right-hand columns don't fully fit on the page for me with my 1024 rez screen, just so you know. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just sayin'.

    Looks good!

    And I think it's GOOD you're preparing for success. I need to learn more about Facebook too. I've been saying that since I joined it, but I really need to soon. I have to know how to set up fan pages like you did; I bet you'll need one for each book you publish, as well as the author page.

    You go. GO!

  2. This theme reminds me of the board game Talisman.

    That is all.

  3. I'm going! lol

    FB will probably change the set-up by the time you need one; you know they change everything about every six months. I think they've changed it a couple of times since I got mine. Also, while I think you do need a presence on FB, I don't think it needs to be your main hangout. I hang out there because I like it, but some authors only have a fan page and that's fine, too. You hang out where you feel comfortable, and if that's blogging so be it.

    Have you thought about blogging under J. Dane Tyler instead of Darcknyt? You've been stagnated lately, haven't you? Might shake things up.

    Thanks for telling me about the resolution. My screen is about a mile wide, so I don't have that problem.

  4. Hey WIGSF, how fast does it load for you? I know you have an issue with graphics.

  5. At work with the dial-up, it's pretty quick. Here at home, who cares. Gots me high speed at home. (I just like to bitch to Falcon about her heavily burdened page.)

  6. Interesting. It's very brown. I like that little "about the author" box up there - pro naps, ROFL!

    It seems clean and simple, but just a bit wide for my screen. Not sure if that's just because I'm on the laptop, or it's a non-flexible template, or whatever.

    It also has a tiny western flavor to me. Which fits where you are. :)

    When I can get on FB you know I'll be clicking the like thingy. :D

  7. I thought you already had done it, but thanks. :)

    Sarah thought it was steampunk, which fits right in with Western. I'll have to look into making it more narrow. If you do control-minus, does that make the text too small?

  8. The ctrl- just impacts the text, but not the width of the page.

    Do you have a 15" monitor you can view it on? Laptop maybe? If I center the page, the horizontal scrollbar on the bottom gives about an inch on either side, just to give you a reference.

  9. I'll look at it on the kids' computer. Thanks!


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