Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random thought: does anybody else have a crush on the "" commercial guys?

The 1 hand + 1 finger typing is getting easier. I miss being able to watch the screen while I'm typing because watching the keyboard reminds me I'm putting my thought down, rather than just watching them flow onto the screen automatically. It's distracting. Plus my hand gets tired easily. It seems to have reached a healing plateau, maybe because I started using it before it was ready. I think now that I did crack a bone, maybe two so I'm keeping it braced. Forcing myself to give it the time it needs, no matter how cranky DH gets for having to do the things I normally do, like cantaloupe chopping and opening jars and doing dishes. Actually, he's been pretty good about it, and the kids have, too. they've been doing most of the dishes, so I bought Abby a pretty pink sponge to fit her small hands.

It's only partly because of the hand that I haven't been online much. I'm having one of those shifts in consciousness that comes every so often where I reassess my interests. The kids are old enough, the marriage is stable enough, and I have no worries at the moment. Oh, I have plenty of things I could worry about, like having no health insurance, but I'm tired of worrying about those things. I've got it pretty good here in my little corner of the world. Maybe it's the bad economic stories I keep seeing on the news, or maybe it's because I have a decent car, but for some reason I don't feel as poor as I did a couple of months ago. It's a nice feeling.

Ready to find a way to make some money, get in shape, make a difference in other people's lives. I'd like to do all those things in one activity. I'm trying not to worry about the financial aspect, instead trusting that enough money will be there if I find my calling. So what do I enjoy doing? Where do my natural talents lie? What are my limitations? Those are important questions I need to answer, and I may explore that in the next post.

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  1. Funny you should ask about the Free Credit guys. One day I actually googled them to see if they were a real band. The lead singer is actually Canadian (or French, I forget) and he's not singing as much as lip-synching because he has such a horrid accent. Ben and I actually did the chronology of their commercials one day - we almost came to blows over whether the Pirate Restaurant or Living in the Basement one came first. Have you noticed that every commercial has the pirate hat stuck in it somewhere? I love little details like that.

    I know right how you feel with not being able to type so well. My carpal tunnel has flared up this week so I'm back to using the brace. I type a LOT at work and am suffering through the same thing you are - brace it and work through it, or leave it alone and let it heal. Hopefully, your bones knit back together soon and you can get back to writing / posting / typing :)

    I'm still trying to figure out how you're going to figure out a way to make money, get in shape, and make a difference in people's lives - all in one shot. When you figure that one out let me know so I can get on the bandwagon, too! Can't wait to see what the answers to your questions are... I should pose those same questions to myself. I may be surprised by the answers.


    P.S. Do you realize that you're 1,026 hits away from hitting 30,000? Any plans for that big number?

  2. I'd totally buy their album. They are so cute! Since I'm old enough to be their mother and also not cougarish, I just think they are adorable and want to pinch their cheeks--not their butts, either!

  3. Haha, yeah, I'd pinch their cheeks, too--either set.

  4. The first one I ever saw was the basement. Does that help or hurt your case?

    Carpel tunnel is also an issue for me after years of working in a sewing factory. And you know that pregnancy can make it flair up, right?

    I had not thought about the 30,000 mark. Wow, that seems like a lot of hits for as little daily traffic as I get. Maybe I'll think of something to do. I'd love some suggestions.

  5. Have you thought about messing with some volunteer work during the day when the house is empty? You might find something that hits a spark to lead you toward finding what it is you're hankerin' for. Then you can translate your volunteer work into paid work and voila! -- income from passion.

    I still think what you love is writing and you'll come back to that, but this might be fun in the meantime.

  6. I have a crush on Billy Mays. That is all.

  7. You could be a dance instructor at your local dancing school or com. college. That would make you money, get you in shape, and help people. Just sayin'. ;)

    I got carpel tunnel with my last baby too, had it really bad.

    And are you talking about those guys who sing at the medieval fair place in the commercial? The ones in the tights?

  8. I think it goes:

    Seafood/pirate restaurant
    crappy car
    renaissance faire

  9. Pirate restaurant
    Crappy Car
    Bicycle (their car got repossessed, I think)
    Renaissance Fair


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