Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Thursday, April 2, 2009

For those of you on Wordpress, you probably already know about that "next" button up there in the upper right corner. Well, my finger hurts again so I'm nexting through these blogs for entertainment, since I can't type well anyway. Here are some things I've noticed through my nexting.

  • There are a lot of blogs about a lot of crap I don't care at all about. Being gay, real estate, knitting, Christianity...tip of the iceberg.

  • There are a lot of blogs I can't read because they are in a foreign language.

  • Teenagers are really pompous about their teenage status. Apparently they've been told teenagers are whiny, emotional, dumb, crazy, etc, and they seem proud of these labels. Are these no longer considered bad traits?

  • There are a lot of whiny, emotional, dumb, crazy teenagers with blogs. (Not you, Z)

  • There are a lot of businesses with free WP blogs.

  • The modifications I've made to my template were a good idea. It looks pretty good compared to most free blogs, not as good as some.

  • Clicking the mouse button with my index finger makes my middle finger hurt. switching...

  • There are really a lot of people with decent writing skills who do not appear to be writers. Guess I'm not so special after all...

  • Sometimes you click next and see naked people. *

The biggest thing I realized is that random nexting is practically useless for finding new reading material. Much better to use tags.

My finger hurts. Good-bye.

*note to self: find a filter to install on the family PC so the kids aren't accidentally exposed to porn.

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  1. Blogging: never have so many with so little to say said so much to so few.

  2. I think this post and a lot of my other posts recently fit that definition.

  3. What??? I've been missing out on nekkid pictures on Wordpress? Sheesh... I miss all the fun!

  4. I've never used the next button. Now I'm kinda glad. It sounds like that Condron thing Darc did a couple days ago, where the blogs just flash by like every 5 seconds.

    So, you have a void you need to fill ... what kinds of topics do you think might interest you? Are you looking for humor? information? experiences? What are things you wanted to explore but didn't because you were writing?

  5. That is a great question. What do I want to read? I figure I'll know it when I see it, but so far I haven't seen it. Humor would be good, maybe some astronomy, archaeology, astrology, Buddhism... Funny, but I didn't find any of that. Today I'll look through the tags.

  6. They do a great job of keeping WP clean, but sometimes one sneaks through.

  7. I've never been successful when hitting "next blog." I don't even know why that option exists.
    There's a lot of crap out there in many languages (cause my blog is SO great right?)

  8. Ha ha. Thanks but I am whiny. You're just biased, my dear stepmommy.

    ooo...don't jump when you read this. I know I sort of fell off the edge of the world for awhile. No blogs, no myspace, no facebook, no visits, or phone calls either. Sorry, stepmommy.

    Love You.


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