Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Friday, January 15, 2010

I need to put my condolences out there for everyone affected by the Haiti earthquake. I watched some of the footage on Fox News Channel yesterday, as if I could help by witnessing, and of course all it did was put me in a terrible mood. I've decided not to watch another minute of footage, but instead keep up with it through the printed word, and only a little at that. Also, I won't link to any news stories because those are easy enough to find.

For some reason I felt a strong pull to help with this disaster despite my family obligations and lack of relief aid experience. Wisely, I decided to stay home and let the professionals take care of it. I heard on tv and then verified on the Red Cross website that you can text HAITI to 90999 and that charges a $10 donation right to your phone bill. Smart of them to make it so easy. You can also donate through The Clinton Foundation, and some other legitimate sites are listed in this Lifehacker post on how not to get scammed donating. Donate if you can, and if you can't donate then pray.

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  1. It is incredibly sad. I have been there before and Haiti has some very beautiful areas. Disaster relief is a very hard thing to do, very traumatic for not just those that live there, but the rescue teams as well.

  2. Suffering should always break our hearts - it shows we're human.

    The Red Cross is always a good source to use for things like this.

  3. Thanks Sherri- we have sponsored a young girl in Haiti for several years, and as of today have not been able to get any news of her or even her village. Very sad times...

  4. whoops, that was me, anon- working on a new computer and all my settings are gone.

  5. Sarah, I fervently pray everything turns out okay for you guys.


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