Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Saturday, May 29, 2010

Like the lovable fool he is, my husband promised the children he would sleep with them in the tents in the back yard. And like the good mom/idiot I am, I agreed to sleep there, too. Actually, I agreed because the hubs said he didn't expect me to. I said, "Why not?" and he replied, "Because I know you." So that was one thing, I had something to prove. Another thing was that I knew he would let the kids drag their blankets in the dirt, meaning mucho laundry-o for me tomorrow.

While I did save the blankets from being dragged on the ground, whatever it was I felt I needed to prove has not been proved. The way I was oriented in the tent left me about two inches shy of being able to stretch out. My old roll-up mattress was only slightly less hard and lumpy than the ground. My joints protest on the average night, but this was an exercise in torture. Also, there was a bug.

Now, I've been camping before. The sleeping arrangements were never my favorite aspect, but I always pulled through okay. However, since the last time I went camping I somehow became middle-aged (might have something to do with all those years passing) and a middle-aged body on the ground is quite a different one than a younger body on the ground. I came in a little after 3 a.m. and haven't been able to sleep from the aching hips and shoulders. It's now 5 a.m.

Wonder how the hubs is doing out there. Probably sleeping like a damn baby.

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  1. I loved to camp back before it felt like being on the rack all night, lol. I think an air mattress would make it okay, but, really, I'm setting my sights on an RV conversion after I retire so I can do the snowbird thang.

  2. I'm thinking a cot would be all right. Anything to keep me off the ground.

  3. I curse thee middle age! I can't even lie on the floor anymore to watch TV. Sleep on the ground? Owwwww!

    I hope you at least get a nap in some time today hon. So sorry for the achy! *hugs*

  4. You know how you felt getting off the ground? That's how I feel getting out of BED.

    Yeah, middle age sucks. Middle of what? Middle of HELL, that's what. ;)

    Try and air mattress. Very nice for a night or two. :)

  5. Somehow an air mattress just seems wrong. We're supposed to be roughing it! 'Course, an air mattress might feel like roughing it, with my old body. :)


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