Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This week started off busy and I don't see it letting up till the kids are out of school, what with the end-of-year programs and concerts. Yesterday my friendly neighborhood electric man cut down a precarious limb, and I spent the day chopping it up.

And before that, on Sunday I gave in to pressure from my son to switch his room with his sister's. We have two bedrooms for the three kids, and for the past few years Jonah and Maggie Rose have been sharing because they were little enough that modesty wasn't a huge issue, and that way the toys are centrally located. Abby, being quite mature at 11, enjoyed her own space in the tiny 10' x 10' bedroom. Well now Jonah's 8 and Maggie's 6 and it's time to move the girls in together. Besides the modesty issue, I'm hoping this will cut down on the bickering, since each younger kid will have his/her own toy space, and doors between them.

Abby was sad to give up her privacy, but I think she's actually enjoying being in a room with her sister (for now). Jonah is a gregarious creature, and so he felt a little lonesome in his bed the first night. I promised both Abby and Jonah I'd paint one wall whatever color they choose. One chose Hulk green and the other chose purple. You can figure out which is which. ;)

Anyway, I'm tired.

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  1. Does the purple match the Hulk's shredded pants?

  2. I'm sure the purple will be a nice, girly pastel.

    And on a related note, I never understood why Hulk was able to keep his pants. He's too big for his clothes everywhere else, but somehow his pelvis is no problem. Hm.

  3. It will be like the Joker's house! Woo! ;)

    I bet they'll love the new arrangement. It just takes time for the new to become the normal.

    I'm sorry you're tired. Sounds like a perfect time for a mint julep to me. :) You did good work hon, and with taking care of the tree too. You're a hard worker and it's okay for you to relax. *hugs*

  4. WIGSF stole my comment. *Sigh*

    Then Falcon stole my OTHER standard line about purple and green. *SIGH*

    So I have NOTHING to say.


  5. I always wondered the same thing about The Hulk's pants.

    Have fun painting!

  6. He has to hide the fact that most of his body grows when he gets mad, not all of his body. Yup, that's right. His pecker stays the same minisize. Why do you think he's so mad?

  7. That was my assumption. Except I think he's not keeping his pants on purpose, he's just not sufficiently growing in that area to make them fall off. Poor Hulk. Poor, poor Hulk. ;)

  8. It'll be a while before I paint. I'm a classic procrastinator.

  9. Well I appreciate you using your precious connection time to read and comment anyway. *hugs*

  10. I'm taking the day off, guilt be damned. My body is already thanking me for it. All I've done so far is read, drink coffee, and eat breakfast. Love ya. *hugs*


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