Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Despite a relatively quiet Internet on my end, the blog traffic doubled for some reason. Does WordPress count the spam comments? Because at 30 per day, that would explain it, disappointing though it would be. I used to be able to sift through them all before they were deleted, but now the volume is too high. If you have a comment which doesn't show up, that's why. Just send it again.

I ended up crying at the doctor's office yesterday. I feel pretty dumb about the blubbering, but it just serves to show how frustrated I am by the whole thing, how much I really need to figure this sinus thing out. The X-rays showed nothing abnormal (it so cool to see inside my own skull) so he gave me a course of antibiotics and steroids.

I told Doc I'd been dealing with this problem for 6-7 years, but as I look back I think it's been closer to eight or nine. I'm not sure if Doc believes me when I tell him how my old doctor dealt with these chronic problems. With the backward lens of time and experience, it seems like the old doc hated me. I wish I could see what he wrote about me in my chart.

It won't surprise me at all if antibiotics clear it right up. The old doc refused to consider it. I love having a doctor who listens to me, even when I'm crying.

And oh yeah, I told him about the fragrance thing and he didn't laugh at me. He didn't get defensive. He didn't dismiss it. He said some people have sensitive airways, and that was it. I'm hoping that the fragrance sensitivity will shake out when my sinuses are healed. I'd probably never go back to the old level of stinkiness, but at least I'd be able to be around people again, which means writer's cons and a job and TCoB in general. To be normal would be the height of awesomeness.

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  1. Yay for good doctors! That's a rare thing to find anymore. I hope he works you through your issues and gets you to a level of health you never dreamed of!

  2. Yippee for unhateful doctors who listen! Woo! I hope you're on the road to recovery at last, and for the record, I consider normal highly overrated. ;)

  3. hi Sherri, I have sinus problems too, and it feels like no one really understands the discomfort and the pain. Last year, I had a operation that the ENT suggested, Basically he burnt off some of the enlarged turbines in my nose, and that really helped. The other thing that helped is to rinse your nose daily with saline.

  4. Thanks for commenting, babyat35. It is an awful malady, that's for sure. If the antibiotics the doc prescribed don't heal it up, I guess we'll go to the next step. Call me optimistic, but I expect the ABs to work. :)

  5. Is this the same doctor who listened before when you were telling him about your thyroid meds? He sounds awesome! And I'm SO happy you have a doc who listens to you and is trying to help you find solutions. That really is priceless.

    Have you ever tried a neti pot? I have only heard good things about them. I think I want to get one for myself, because it seems the aging process is starting to affect my sinuses too. Ugh!


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