Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am SO not into cohesion or editing today, so let's just do a bullet list of the things I'm thinking about at the moment, shall we?

  • The inauguration. Even if you voted for the other team, it's hard not to get swept up in the history of this moment. Go-0-0-0-bama!

  • My appointment with the doctor. I WILL get something done about my !@#$% sinuses TODAY. Also, my thyroid hormone needs to be adjusted before I lose all my hair. I'm going to tell him about the fragrance thing today. I'm dreading that, but it must be done, since it has a direct effect upon my migraines.

  • The treadmill. Haven't done it in about ten days. It's hard to exercise when you feel like a lump of apathetic lard. When my thyroid hormone is at the correct level, I know without a doubt I'll start again because I really do enjoy it.

  • My 10-year-old daughter's wild weekend at her friend's house. Turns out there was a domestic incident in which family friends came over and tried to kill each other with axes and guns. Did the parents tell me this happened? No, the mom came the next morning to pick up more clothes so DD could stay another night, and said nothing about it. Will my daughter ever set foot in that house again? Not likely. I mean, stuff happens, but you gotta let the parents know. Right? My daughter was left as the only comfort to the young children of the bloody woman with an ax screaming in the yard and a scuffle with the ex-husband for the gun, which accidentally fired. All the kids were in tears before it was over. Gosh, when I write it down it seems even worse than I thought. Yeah, she's never going there again.

  • Scrambled eggs. Time for breakfast. Have a great day. :)

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  1. Holy crap!! You just guaranteed that I will never allow my kids to leave the house ever again!

    Scary. Glad she's ok.

  2. I would certainly think twice about letting a child stay the night at house featured on an episode of COPS.

  3. Horrors on the daughter's friend's house incident! Holy mother of whomever, axes and guns???!!! I am so glad your kid is safe. And I'm curious what she told you about it when she came home, lol.

    Mmmm, scrambled eggs! Personally, I want a BLAT, a bacon, lettuce, avacado and tomato sandwich. Too bad I have a lean cuisine dish instead.

    And I hope the thyroid problem gets straightened out soon. For years I swore I had a thyroid problem because of exhaustion, weight gain, randome aches and pains, etc. Turned out to be a decent case of sleep apnea. Yours, though, is obviously the thyroid. I sure do sympathise with ya!

  4. Okay, so the domestic violence thing is as bad as I think, right? I just can't believe the mom didn't say ANYTHING to me about it. When Abby finally came home she said, "You heard about the fight, right?" And then I listened with growing horror as she related the events to me. I thought she might have been exaggerating, but she teared up several times during the telling. I asked her why in the heck she didn't call me to come get her, and why she stayed another night, and she said, "We couldn't find the phone. And I wanted at least one good night with my friend." Geez, girl! Poor thing inherited her mama's self-preservation instinct, or lack thereof.

  5. Holy.

    That's friggin' SCARY. JEEEBUZZ!! Forget it, never setting foot in that house again, never going down that STREET again! I'd SO kick the asses of those parents for NOT TELLING ME.

    Yeah, it's as bad as you think. Yeah.

  6. DarcKnyt, I would think twice about trying to kick the ass of a person who is now know to swing an axe.

  7. Your child was traumatized and the mother responsible for her well being didn't say a word about it to you??? Uh, NO, my child's never going there again. I don't care that it was "family friends" of the place she went to. Your child was endangered, and she "neglected" to tell you. God only knows what else she'd neglect to tell you if there was another incident at her house.

  8. Wow, only in Oklahoma...
    That's scary. I'm not sure I want to go to Paden with Thomas tonight now. Maybe, staying two blocks down the road with Dillon would be safer, then I can just run home....
    Love you all.


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