Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Thursday, January 15, 2009

My youngest daughter turned five yesterday. Gone are the days when I slave to clean house and decorate the perfect cake with frosting made from scratch and fret that my child isn't getting a blow-out bash like it seems every other child in her class gets every single year. Nope, I don't do that stuff anymore. Yesterday I spent a lot of time talking with Maggie about when she was in my belly and what it was like to hold her for the first time and how happy I am she's here. I didn't clean the house at all, let her direct me in where to place the store-bought decorations upon her cake, and took only one picture. The actual party lasted about 7.5 minutes, but she also got to tell us what to do all day, so I think she got her money's worth.

That was a lot of compound sentences. I'm too lazy to edit this morning. Sorry.

I was awakened this morning by a dream in which I was walking through a town at night, and someone was shining a light on me. I'd manage to get out of the light, but it found me again, and I got the feeling the guy was following me. I was scared, but not scared enough yet to go to the house whose yard I was trying to hide in. I peered back in the direction of the light to see what I could see. After a few moments of trying to see past a small bush, the light faded and I slowly realized the small bush was my ceiling light fixture. In real life. I wish I could have seen what I looked like, staring panicked and wide-eyed at the ceiling in my sleep. I bet I looked than usual.

I won't recount the rest of the dream, but I will say it contained a lengthy portion where people thought I loved porn.

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  1. Yeah, but really who DOESN'T love porn? :)

  2. Nothing weird about loving porn. I mean, c'mon ... porn! We all love it, even if we only express it in our dreams!

    I can't wait for Fal to see this post. She might have some input on it with all her dream analysis stuff.

    I'm glad you and Maggie had a happy birthday. It sounds a lot like the ones we have here, too. And no one seems to mind. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Maggie!! Woo! 5 is awesome!

    And I love the title of this one! LOL

    No comment about the dream though, other than to say, we don't think you love porn hon. ;)

  4. That sounds like an awesome birthday to me!

    Dream logic vs. awake logic is a strange thing, isn't it? I can remember sleeping through my new electronic alarm when I was in high school, and trying to talk to someone. Because of the alarm, I thought it was an air raid siren, until I woke up and hit the snooze!


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